Monday, August 10, 2009

Keeping Up with Kaht and Devin: The Kids.

Ali was about 8 months old and just learning to crawl when I interviewed for the posted babysitting position. I was looking for a job to keep my college funds up, put a little cash in the mocha latte jar, and keep me busy. What I did not expect to find was a family who would become as close to me as my own family. A family that would welcome me into their lives and trust me with their darling children. I was certainly blessed!

After several years of taking care of Ali and Bella, it was a sad parting when it came time for me to return to Vermont. Now our times together are now farther apart and short, but when we do get to visit, we certainly make the best of it!

A couple weeks ago Devin and I travelled to Indiana to play stand-in Mom and Dad to Ali, Bella, and Kane (born after my move to Vermont) for the weekend while Paul and Tiff travelled. For two weeks prior to our departure, I told anyone that might listen to me about my upcoming trip to see my kids! God help you all when I actually have some of my own. I'll never stop talking!

Needless to say, it was an absolutely wonderful reunion. Devin and I adore these kids, even if they tucker us out and require that we go to bed at 9pm. ;) Thank you Paul and Tiff for letting us borrow them for a few days! Enjoy the photos. xo K

At first, Kane is a verrry serious young man. But when he gets warmed'll see...

We popped by the Valparaiso University Center for the Arts (mine and Devin's old stomping grounds) and poked our heads into the Photo Lab. It was very dark and locked unfortunately, however when peeked through the papers on the door, what did I see staring back at me??? MY EYE!! Amazing that it is still stuck there:) It was part of my good friend Kristen's art show a handful of years ago.

We were hoping we might stumble across my photog professor Aimee, but alas, she was smart and stayed away from school on summer vacation:) Don't you just love how her office is decorated though?!

The new Harre Student Union (built just as we were walking out the door with cap and gown) was stunning! Very jealous that it came after my time. There were just so many chairs begging me to take a snooze in them. :)

I particularly loved the snakey sofa.

Me and my girls!

Ah, yes....Once Kane warms up to you, he is a bit of a devil. ;)

My beautiful Ali, nearly grown up. She enters first grade this year. I kept telling her, "I remember when you were not even crawling yet!" She would sigh and then tell me I was old. :)

We lucked out bother times we went to the pool: it was nearly empty! Perfect for two amateur parents and three kiddos. WAHOO!

Okay, this is just showing off my D700. This is a crop of the above photo. Look at the detail!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Handsome beach bums ;)

And my little fuzzy Bella bunny.

Devin certainly got a workout as the kids loooved piggy back rides. At nap, everyone got a piggy back ride :D

One thing that certainly tickled me pink was seeing my photos hanging in their home. That is just a cool thing for an artist to see!

xo Kaht


Kristen Browning said...

gorgeous photos as always my dear- I can't believe they are all that old!!! On a side note- your blog entry has MY art too- woo hoo! your eye photo and Tinkerbelle's stars. weirded me out a little!

Kathleen North said...

Kristen, Isn't it amazing how quickly they have grown! Oh man...*heart twinge*
I was thinking about you as I wrote this post, because of the Eye photo, but you're right! Tinker Bell is yours too! Do you have a link to more of your artwork?:) You should!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Oh I love their rooms! I am totally with you on kids I used to babysit for when they were wee growing up and being totally unimpressed with my stories of when they were young :) very very sweet pictures....and I love your eye :)

Carl said...

The BW of Devin with the kids on him shows off a lot of Tom in his face, IMHO.