Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Business Cards

It's a Snow Day here at North Photography!

Mainly because the power keeps flickering on and off and making it hard to work on the computer. Since I cannot gift you with photos from a recent session or past wedding, I was able to grab these two and upload them before the power went off again. Let's home it will return soon so I can actually post this post! Thank goodness for battery back-up on the laptop at least.

Just a few days ago my second (nay, third) favorite guy dropped off a package for me. I've never even met my UPS guy, but he always brings such wonderful things to my door! This time he was delivering my brand spanking newly designed business cards. Ooooh la la.

It has been a process, one that always frustrated me, because I constantly changed my mind on various designs. First my name was too small, second my name was too big, third I did not like the photo I used, fourth I CHANGED my name when I got married...and on and on. I really wanted something that represented my business well. It had to look nice, feel nice, and show the range of work that I enjoy and excel at. I want potential clients to take my card and go "Oooh" and be able to imagine themselves in one of my images.

I think I might have finally accomplished what I want. And if not, I can always change my mind again, right? xo Kaht

I am a big fan visual appeal, thus the collage.

Now my business card holder from Simon Pearce Glass looks truly classy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keeping Up with K&D: Key Charms

Devin and I went through Waterbury the other day to go see a house for sale. In the interest of not getting stranded in the Vermont woods without gas, we opted to stop and fill up before venturing beyond the "city".

Of course I took advantage of such a stop for the opposite of...filling up. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the gas stations eye to detail and decor. Just look how the bathroom "key charm" matches the walls!

Who wants to snag the key when there is such a cute charm to be snookered?!

P.S. All we left the gas station with was a full gas tank. No pilfered key charms. Promise.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Feels like Spring? Feels like a trick.

I went for a walk today and had to remove my scarf and gloves and finally my jacket. And then my boots sunk into the mud.

Might Spring be on the way?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keeping Up with K&D: Black Eye

"Bar fight....Bear....Door knob...Snowboarding....Wife's left fake/right hook combo is getting better....Took the last cookie in the cafeteria....Wife didn't want me to work this weekend....Skiing....Not sure....Tree branch....Fight....Forgot Valentine's Day....Fell down the stairs....Tripped over the cat....Walked into a 220 lb, 6' 5" door knob....Wanted a little excitement...Don't remember....Woke up like this....Took up too much of the bed....Snoring....Tree....You should see the other guy...."

It's amazing what people assume from a black eye. And what we might say to feed into the glamour of it :)

Really, it is from Taekwondo. But I like the line about my boxing skills best.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hot Off the Press! Winter Portrait Special.

With Winter still upon us and Spring but a glimmer in the future, I felt that a special treat was in order. Especially with Valentine's Day this weekend!

So spread the word! And book your session. Spaces are limited and before you know it, Spring will be here! xo Kaht

Monday, February 8, 2010

Keeping Up with K&D: Montreal

Just over a week ago Devin arrived home from work with a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin. "I might be done work early next week....want to take a long weekend trip?" Is the Pope Catholic? Heck yes I want to take a trip!

And so we poured over our options: visit friends in DC, hop a plane somewhere warm, road-trip-it to see family, find a nice hotel in the White Mountains or visit a B&B in Montreal. Since neither of us had spent any amount of time in Montreal, we decided that would be our destination of choice. With a little luck we found this adorable B&B that miraculously had availability for the weekend. Putting our trust in the online reviews, we booked a room, brushed up on our "Bonjours!" and "Mercis!" and packed our bags!

The Victorian Heritage Bed & Breakfast could not have been nicer. A historical home that has been beautifully restored to it's late 1800 beauty. After arriving on Friday midday and having lunch we decided to read and relax in our adorable room.

THIS is where I spent the majority of the weekend up to my neck in bubbles and warm water. Life is so much better with a bathtub.

The house has images of the former Monk Family that inhabited the house in the 1800's. The beautiful woman in the painting at the bottom of the stairs was Rosalie-Caroline Monk, the mother.

The parlor room was particularly lovely with the antique chairs and settee. Beautiful!

Oh, yes....and there was a secret door to the next part of the house.

We are now trying to figure out how we can incorporate this into our future home :)

From the other side of the secret door it was an armoire. Devin is showing you how to activate the door :)

Our first dinner in Montreal was at a lovely little French bistro: Restaurant L'Express. The pickles and mustard they served with the meal were sooo delicious!

After dinner a little chocolate never hurts.. :)

Saturday dawned beautiful and COLD. We ventured out to Mont Royal Parc with the idea that we would go sledding or ice skating. Our American blood is much too thin for 11 degrees. We opted to take quick a stroll and retreat back to our car. The sledding tracks were really cool though :)

View on Montreal from Mont Royal.

Devin and I both have a love for architecture and history, so many of our trips include visits to old churches. At the suggestion of another guest, we visited Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal. And it was beautiful.

This tower holds the bell "Jean Baptiste" that weighs 11 tons. When it rings it shakes the whole building. For the preservation of the structure they only ring it at Christmas and Easter as well as for very important the Pope. (*Side Note* This is where Celine Dion was married in 1994. They did not ring the 11 ton bell for her wedding. :) )

The colors and light and design inside were simply breath taking.

7,000 pipe organ.

The church was built in Gothic Revival style.

The pews had carvings at the end of saints with the Virgin Mary on the front pew.

The stained glass windows around the church tell the history of Montreal.

Most wedding ceremonies take place in the smaller chapel behind the main chapel. The main chapel seats 3200 and the smaller chapel apx 350. It is just as beautiful and yet more intimate for a wedding that is not the size of Celine Dion's. The relief behind the altar was really beautiful, depicting the stages of life and gates towards Heaven.

Had it not been so cold we might have considered a carriage tour of Montreal :)

A lot of the buildings have murals painted on them, which I thought was really neat.

Not a mural, but still a cool piece of history... :)

I have never seen this before, but we saw it several times around the city here: a building under construction has a scrim over it with an image of the building it will soon be. Very cool!

Nearly at our freezing point and well beyond being cold, we happened by this cupcake shop. Bliss!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend: Our B&B was perfect and we had a great time visiting with the other guests over a delicious breakfast of breads, cheeses, and fruits, the city was full of fantastic restaurants and places to visit, and best of all I had my favorite travel partner to spend some quality time with :) I highly recommend Montreal. xo Kaht

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Photographer's Portrait

This is my husband.
He is a scientist. He is also a gamer, chef, cleaner, sleeper, frisbee-player, cuddler, and...when I ask really nicely, my own personal photographer. When we woke up one weekend it was just one of those perfect "it snowed last night" mornings. Beautiful. So I dragged my barely awake husband out into the cold air to take some pictures to update my website with.

At first I had wanted to publish this post with vote buttons below each image so you could pick your fave. Then I thought that might be own popularity contest...with myself. Lame.

So here are a few. Just a simple viewing.

It's always nice to be on the "other side" every now and then. To feel how uncomfortable it is, even if it is my loving husband looking at me through the lens. Makes me appreciate how my clients feel and how it is my job to make them them feel comfortable enough to relax and have fun. Devin and I had fun once I "warmed " up a bit. Then we literally had to go in and camp by the heater to really warm up. It was a cold day for outdoor photos! My photographer might think twice about that next time :) xo Kaht

Soon we'll update my "About" page on the website with the new images and some fun factoids, so be on the lookout for that!