Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Business Cards

It's a Snow Day here at North Photography!

Mainly because the power keeps flickering on and off and making it hard to work on the computer. Since I cannot gift you with photos from a recent session or past wedding, I was able to grab these two and upload them before the power went off again. Let's home it will return soon so I can actually post this post! Thank goodness for battery back-up on the laptop at least.

Just a few days ago my second (nay, third) favorite guy dropped off a package for me. I've never even met my UPS guy, but he always brings such wonderful things to my door! This time he was delivering my brand spanking newly designed business cards. Ooooh la la.

It has been a process, one that always frustrated me, because I constantly changed my mind on various designs. First my name was too small, second my name was too big, third I did not like the photo I used, fourth I CHANGED my name when I got married...and on and on. I really wanted something that represented my business well. It had to look nice, feel nice, and show the range of work that I enjoy and excel at. I want potential clients to take my card and go "Oooh" and be able to imagine themselves in one of my images.

I think I might have finally accomplished what I want. And if not, I can always change my mind again, right? xo Kaht

I am a big fan visual appeal, thus the collage.

Now my business card holder from Simon Pearce Glass looks truly classy.