Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chicago Belly Session: Shelley

Meet Shelley:

And the soon-to-be-any-day-now Ms. Eleanor!

Shelley is a friend from my life in Chicago where I was an intern for Chris Guillen Photography. Shelley was Chris' studio manager and second photographer. In short, I learned a lot from her and we have kept in touch over the years.

We, however, lacked on our "being in touch" this past year and so when I saw on Facebook that Shelley had a new website, I shot an e-mail of "how awesome!". Imagine how surprised I was when Shelley e-mailed me back talking about a new joint DJ/Photography studio that she and her hubby, Tyler, were opening and oh yeah, "also having a baby girl in May." WHOA! Yes, I think I did do a little happy dance. Great news from friends makes me dance!

After chatting more we decided that my trip to Chicago could (and should!) accommodate one Belly Session for this wonderful woman. Unfortunately Tyler could not join us because of his work schedule, but we still had a lovely time cruising about Chicago and "breaking into" golf courses. (Really, the gate was not locked...very well). Shelley made the comment that, "You are totally a country photographer. You keep finding every living thing to compose your image with." Ha! That made me laugh and yet, it was we have to do a few more city-like poses near the end. Congratulations again Shelley and Tyler! I cannot wait to meet Ms. Eleanor one day :) Enjoy! xo Kaht

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 HS Senior: Katelyn

Katelyn and I met during her sister and future brother-in-laws engagement session last September. She came along to be the handler for Tara and Anthony's sweet pup Fenway :) Shortly after meeting her she contacted me about having senior photos done. Even though her yearbook deadline had past, she still wanted to capture some great images of herself before the next chapter in her life. And I think that is awesome. :)

As soon as green started peaking through and things started to bloom, we made out date and met in downtown Hanover, NH last week. It was an odd weather day (like today's weather..snow?!) and kept raining in between bouts of sunshine, but Katelyn was an amazing subject and always had a wonderful smile and a great attitude.

Good luck with the rest of your senior year Katelyn! Summer will be here soon! And I'm so excited to celebrate with you and your family at Tara and Anthony's wedding :) Thank you for being so fantastic! xo Kaht

LOVE this great smile!!

Katelyn also has this great bag that I wish I could pull off! Some people were just born to be stylish and flashy :) ::jealous::


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saving Grace

For a Sunday I have been particularly accomplished. That is, if you count shopping as accomplishing things :) After church I left Devin at home with specific instructions to ::shakes finger:: "Clean up your room." (aka the workshop) and headed off to make lunch for an elder-friend. During lunch I get a phone call from my trusted clothing counselor and good friend that a dress I had been eyeing at The Gap was on sale. So after lunch I headed over to the mall where the dress was not only "on sale" but "MAJORLY on sale." What was once marked as $90, I bought for $35. Huzzah! Well, my good day of deals just kept on rolling. The market was out of the "On Sale" steak so they gave me the good steak for the sale price. Huzzah! And then I found a sun tea jar for 1/2 price. Double huzzah! Devin might have frowned a little when I waltzed in laden down with bags, but when heard about my great deals (and saw my cute dress!) it wasn't so bad. ;)

So, I'm really not a shopper, but when I do get out there into the world of new clothes and fancy things, it always feels great to save a little (or a lot!).

And since a Sunday post without a photo is lame, here is Mr. Keilor in the field. He is our neighbor's darling cat who has a great personality! xo kaht

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Married: Richard & Alysha, Illinois

When it was raining and gray in Vermont, it was beautiful and sunny in Northern Illinois. The perfect day for a spring wedding! And Devin and I had the pleasure of capturing the day for a wonderful couple whom we have known for some time now. Richard and Alysha met just about two years ago when they were both in the bridal party for Alysha's brother's wedding. It was love at first sight as the story goes and well, the rest is history. And this past Saturday they started the new chapter in their life novel and it was a perfect beginning to what is guaranteed to be a wonderful life together. xo Kaht

The day started at AC Hair Design where the girls were gathered to watch Alysha be transformed into a bride :)

A little practice with the unveiling never hurt!

Richard was very calm and cool as he and the guys got ready at the hotel. Lot's of laughs and joking, even though he looks very serious here... :)

Thank goodness Mom knew how to fold the pocket handkerchief!

The bouquets!

Devin caught this image of Richard being a joker. See, not always so serious :)

One of my favorite moments! When the groom first sees his bride at the back of the church.

And when the bride sees her groom... :)

Practice made perfect!

Another favorite moment when the father gives his daughter to her soon-to-be husband. :)

I really enjoyed when Pastor Davis asked Richard and Alysha to turn around and look at all the people who love and support them. It was so sweet and really touching and really a wonderful thing for the bride and groom to take a second and actually see who is there to love and support them. I had tears in my eyes. :)

Mr. & Mrs.!

What's a Maid of Honor to do when no one can hold her flowers? :)

After having to change portrait locations, we headed to Alysha's former band teacher's home. The gardens were beautiful! It was simply a paradise and the perfect location for portraits. Thank you!!

Alysha, you are simply beautiful!

Mr. Handsome :)

I just love this image as Alysha sees her venue all decorated for the first time!

The theme was France, where Richard proposed.

The Best Man made everyone laugh during his toast!

OH! Look at this good looking couple... :) Our friend Ted took this photo for us to prove we were there too!

And as the night progressed we danced...

And celebrated...

And partied....

And loved.
Thank you Richard and Alysha for a beautiful wedding and for inviting us to be a part of it! xo Kaht (& Devin!) Enjoy more images in the Slideshow.