Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saving Grace

For a Sunday I have been particularly accomplished. That is, if you count shopping as accomplishing things :) After church I left Devin at home with specific instructions to ::shakes finger:: "Clean up your room." (aka the workshop) and headed off to make lunch for an elder-friend. During lunch I get a phone call from my trusted clothing counselor and good friend that a dress I had been eyeing at The Gap was on sale. So after lunch I headed over to the mall where the dress was not only "on sale" but "MAJORLY on sale." What was once marked as $90, I bought for $35. Huzzah! Well, my good day of deals just kept on rolling. The market was out of the "On Sale" steak so they gave me the good steak for the sale price. Huzzah! And then I found a sun tea jar for 1/2 price. Double huzzah! Devin might have frowned a little when I waltzed in laden down with bags, but when heard about my great deals (and saw my cute dress!) it wasn't so bad. ;)

So, I'm really not a shopper, but when I do get out there into the world of new clothes and fancy things, it always feels great to save a little (or a lot!).

And since a Sunday post without a photo is lame, here is Mr. Keilor in the field. He is our neighbor's darling cat who has a great personality! xo kaht

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