Thursday, April 8, 2010

Join the Club!

Without further ado (and lacking in all witty commentary tonight), North Photography is now represented on Facebook. Thank you to everyone who has provided gentle persuasion to finally do this...Now step up and become a fan!

Really though, I know North Photography has a ton of supporters out there which is awesome. I love it! Makes my job that much cooler. If you are interested in keeping up via FB and reading any short witty remarks I might not place on the bloggity here, then I do encourage you (and THANK YOU!) to become a Fan by clicking the logo below. x's and o's! Kaht


On a totally different note, check out the shirt my darling husband got me (compliments of for our 6 Month Wedded Anniversary. "Purrrito"!


Sarah Rhea said...

Hahaha! How super-cute! :D

Kathleen North said...

I thought you might like the shirt Ms. Sarah!