Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And I'm Back!

I feel like I have been gone for a month! Amazing what a week away can do. Amazing how my desk can get so cluttered when I am not even here...Odd really. But I am BACK!

Devin and I travelled to Chicago this past week(end) for a wedding and maternity session. Many wonderful images to share! Stories too :) Then on Monday-Tuesday I headed to Manchester, VT to catch the end of the Vermont Professional Photographers Convention. Perfect timing because I had the pleasure of meeting Justin and Mary Marantz AND got to listen to their "Spread the Love" program. So inspiring! Not to mention it was awesome to sit and chat with them afterwards. *FUN*!

Now I am back, so all the e-mails sitting in my box, beware, you will be tackled today! And all the patient people waiting to hear from me, it will happen today! And since I am madly in love with my cat Leisl, I have to share this image. He found the ONLY sunny spot in the house to curl up on and keeps adjusting as the sun moves :) I'm worried he might fall down the stairs if he moves any further back! :) Enjoy the day and the sun. xo Kaht

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