Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Britney & Andrew's Hurricane Wedding, MA

As we sat in the car with the rain steadily falling, staring at the white wedding tent with a small lake surrounding it, Justin and I cringed at the scene before us. The yard was a lake. There was rain coming in through the roof of the tent. The gardens that had been meticulously tended and designed for a beautiful ceremony were under water. Tropical Storm Danny had flooded everything.

As we gathered our gear to head into the house, we both braced for what we might encounter; a sobbing bride, a groom cursing the weather channel, parents on the edge, bridal party stomping about...it could be pretty bad. What we found though was a scene of joy. Everyone had a smile on their face. There was laughter amidst the squishy shoes, smiles and reminders of rain being good luck on a wedding day. Britney was aglow and surrounded by women who loved her and helped her get ready for her wedding day, rain or shine. When I popped in to see how Andrew and the boys were doing I found them rocking out to heavy metal music and joking about the weather and the likely possibility of muddy pant legs.

No deluge or flood was going to dampen the mood of this wedding party as they came together to celebrate the union of two people that they love. "It is what it is, we're going to live it up and have a great day!" Britney and Andrew are so blessed! And Justin and I were pretty lucky to part of such a joyous wedding that embraced what nature through at them and remembered the true meaning of a wedding is not the decorations or perfect location, but the marriage of two people in love. xo Kaht

Britney's veil was perfect! It looked like there were sparkling rain drops in it. :)

Such joy!

And laughter!

A family friend carried the umbrella for Britney and her dad to process into the tent.

Married!! When they reached the edge of the dance floor, Andrew picked his new wife up to carry her across the muddy grass. So sweet!

The rain lightened up a bit after the ceremony, so we took advantage of some high ground in the back yard.

The bridal party bouquets as make-shift umbrellas. :)

Both Britney and Andrew had wanted to do photos down at the beach, so with the rain lightening up, we decided to go for it! Lucky for us we had a really competent bus driver, because...

...The roads were flooded in numerous places.

The skies actually lightened up a little while at the beach.

Squeegeeing the floor before dancing!

How many people ended up throughout the night, myself and Justin included!

But the party carried on!

Well into the night. :)


Cassie said...

Kaht! I LOVE the rock picture(s) especially the one with the bouquet in the foreground <3 Always love your work, dear!! (and ALWAYS good to hear from you!)

lucasphotographs said...

Nice pics. Looks the rain worked out good for every one.

Kathleen North said...

Thank you Cassie and Lucas! You know, in a way, the rain did work out :)