Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Married: Katelyn & Ian: Burlington, VT

As she sat by the window while her good friend finished her hair and make-up, a little smile crept onto Katelyn's face. She slowly opened one eye, looked at her girlfriends that were sitting by and said..."I'm getting married." Simple as that. Today was her day. And as exclamations of joy and excitement rippled through the room, Katelyn resumed her quiet posture by the window and let the transformation from girl to bride continue.

The day could not have been more perfect for a Lake Champlain cruise on The Spirit of the Ethan Allen. The sun was bright, the sky was clear and the breeze was comforting. All the ingredients for a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!

Katelyn and Ian, thank you for the honor of being your wedding photographer. You could have chosen anyone, but you chose me :) And for that I am very happy. Your day was perfect. I hope you are enjoying a few days of relaxation! All the best to you both for the future! xo Kaht

Their little girl was a real cutie, especially with that bow-tie!

Being the bride is so nice, because everyone does everything for you!

Transformation complete!

A stunning bride with the most stunning eyes! Gorgeous Katelyn.

And a smooooth looking groom as well! I was a fan of those shades.

Katelyn & Ian opted for a first look since they were going to be on the cruise for their ceremony and reception. Land photos are good too!

It was a really sweet moment :)

The beautiful ladies! (Minus Sleeping Beauty who caught a nap before the ceremony.)

And of course the handsome guys!

A little *sparkle*!

The crew on The Ethan Allen cruise is always so accommodating and helpful! Thank you everyone :)

Time to get married!

A true August wedding photo!

A few details! The flowers were done by Kathy & Co. Florist in Burlington. The colors were just so beautiful!

Katelyn made a lot of the decorations herself, including these cute candle holders!

Fisher's Fancies was here!

We'll end with a sweet image from their first dance. :) Check out their slideshow to see more of their beautiful day!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Married: Eileen & Tim: Sleepy Hollow Inn, VT

I really do love it when my couple's get ready at the same location. It makes running back and forth to the guys and the girls just that much easier! However, Eileen and Tim's wedding this past weekend was a little bit much for me. They were married at The Sleepy Hollow Inn and were getting ready in rooms that were just down the hall from one another. As I kept going back and forth it took everything in me to contain myself and not come rushing into the room giving a play by play of what was going on in the next room, complete with flying hand gestures and a French accent. (Remember the wedding planner Franck from Father of the Bride?)

"Eileen is looking fahhhbulous!!"
"Tim is doing great!!"
"Wait till you see this ahhh-mazing dress!"
"Ooooh! Da boutonnieres are giving them some trouble!"

And so, my inner French wedding planner remained contained. Best for everyone. My gift to Eileen and Tim :) And thus the day progressed beautifully with a little rain shower to freshen up the gardens before the ceremony and a perfect evening that allowed the guests to dance out under the stars! This was my first Quaker Wedding ceremony and I have to say, it was really touching and emotional. A perfect way for a couple to start their life together, with so much support and love surrounding them!

Thank you Eileen and Tim for allowing Devin and I to be a part of your day. We are truly thankful to have met you and I certainly hope to see more of you now that you are in Vermont! Poker and beer sounds alright by me :) Enjoy a few of my favorites from your day! And enjoy the rest of your honeymoon. xo Kaht

Eileen's dress was custom designed using Eileen's ideas and an image of Audrey Hepburne's wedding dress in the movie Funny Face. It was totally Eileen's style! And had such beautiful lace details.

Salon Pure did Eileen's vintage hair style and lovely make-up.

One thing Eileen & Tim did was hire all local area vendors, which was very cool. Crimson Poppy, the local florist in Richmond, VT, did the beautiful bouquets and table arrangements.

Tim's brother helps with some finishing touches.

No one officially marries a couple at a Quaker ceremony. After the bride enters,, the couple sits in front of their guests for a moment of quiet contemplation before standing and making the vows to one another an exchanging their rings.

After they exchange rings and sign the marriage certificate, they are officially married.

They then return and take a seat in front of their guests again. At this point, people may stand and say something. It is kind of like toasting the couple, except no champagne! Well wishes are given and little cute stories are told. It was really beautiful.

This little girl stole the show when she stood up and told Eileen that, "It sounds like she has married a really nice guy." So cute!

The Sleepy Hollow Inn is a truly beautiful location. The ceremony takes place right next to the beautiful pond!

Crimson Poppy was here!

After the well wishes and "toasts", the couple stands, shakes hands and kisses.

Now they aretruly married :)

All of the guests then sign the certificate as a promise of their support to the marriage. The marriage certificate was done by Eileen's sister Kate. The lions represent the lions on the New York Public Library Building, where Tim and Eileen met on their first date :)

After the "formal" groomsmen shots, the guys really wanted to have some fun. Fine by me!

The ladies were much too refined for such antics ;)

A good looking wedding party!

And the fabulous Eileen & Tim!

Occassions Catering did all of the set-up and food and they did a fabulous job keeping things running smoothly through the night!

Some more awesome details! The fimo clay cake toppers were also made by Eileen's sister Kate. Just amazing detail! And the skunk, well, that is a whole other story from the rehearsal dinner! Apparently there was an unwanted visitor who over stayed their welcome ;) Eileen's mom made the crocheted edging for all of the jelly jar candles. Just a crafty creative family all around!

An adorable wedding guest! His little bow-tie is just divine!

The siblings toasted (and roasted) the newlyweds...

..To much laughter! This is in response to opposing sports teams. :)

It was a great party! To see more from Tim & Eileen's wedding, enjoy their slideshow!