Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2011 High School Senior: Bess

Perhaps she was a little nervous when the camera first came out of the bag, but after a few shots she warmed up to the idea of being a model for the day. And even enjoyed it :) And as she warmed up, her true beauty shined right through that nervousness and she truly owned her senior portrait session. And made it about her :) Enjoy, Kaht

One of my favorites from the afternoon. Bess just looks so fabulous!

Blue flops and red toes, hello!

Bess' mom is a librarian, so Bess was brought up on good books, and lots of them! We had fun sorting through the various titles. I now have a late summer reading list :)

To get Bess to smile, her mom would call out the German word for "rabbit". Very cute: Hasenpfeffer!

A little giggly in a pretty field. :)

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jackie p said...

LOVE the shots of her with "When We Were Very Young"! Pretty Girl!