Friday, August 6, 2010

Vermont Family Portraits: Declan & Family

When Declan's momma contacted me about doing a session around his upcoming 1st birthday, she said her main goal was to capture their darling boy doing what he does best: smiling and laughing. All children smile and laugh and are just full of fabulous expressions and mannerisms at this age, so I expected Declan to be a happy kid. What I did not expect was just how glowingly happy he really was! When Rachel (assistant kid chaser, giggle inducer, and beautiful little sister) and I arrived, we were greeted by Declan's momma and this adorable little boy with sweet curls and a smile that just bowled us over.

Meet Declan.

Such an absolute sweetheart! When his momma mentioned in our conversation that Declan liked to run (run at ONE!), I knew an extra pair of hands would come in handy and boy am I glad I brought Rachel! Enjoy some of my favorites from their session. They will certainly add some joy to your day! xo Kaht

A little snack before the session :)

Loves fans!

Not only can Declan walk and run, but he is fairly adept at escaping. Luckily his Nana's were right on his tail!

D and his Nana P :)

Quite the little soccer player!


Not something I might normally share, but it was such a funny instant! Happy one minute, sad the next, and then HAPPY again! Makes me smile :)

I could just snuggle him forever! So cute. :)

D and his Nana D read a little story.


Oh drool....

A beautiful family :)

Full of laughter and love!


Anonymous said...

beautiful shots - hard to pick a favorite - Rha, this session is going to cost you an arm and a leg in prints because you won't be able to narrow it down either :-) Love that little boy - AB

Anonymous said...

Annie Jo - you have an adorable little grandson - and what a lovely
family! No wonder Declan is so
happy - look at all the 'shiny happy people' surrounding him. Love, Martha.

Heather said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

Family Portraits

Kathleen North Porter said...

Thank you Heather! I am glad you enjoyed it :)