Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Keeping Up with K&D: One Year!

One year ago today, I married my best friend.

And ever since that day I have not been able to find a single reason as to why I should not be this happy in love. Happy Anniversary darling! Here's to more great years on this wonderful adventure with you by my side :) xoxoxo K

Photo by Justin Cash. Thank you again Justin for being awesome :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Married: Kate & Pat: Vermont

You never know where you are going to find true love. At work, at play, online or on the corner waiting for the bus. No matter where you find it (or it finds you), consider yourself blessed. There is a lot of love in this world, more than enough to go around, but sometimes it takes a little while for folks to find it. Once they do, that love lightens their life and makes them glow! Kind of like a very friendly lightning bug. :)

Kate & Pat met after finding out about a mutual interest in the Red Sox. ;) From there, the conversation flowed, the pieces came together and eventually it was fairly inevitable that love had found them and they had found love. And as they declared that love in front of their family and friends, I could not help but give a silent cheer for Team Love. YES! Forgive the silliness, but the fact that these two are husband and wife now just makes me giddy with joy! Such a perfect match :)

Thank you K&P for letting us be a part of your wedding day! It was a joy and honor to capture the moments you created and the love that you share. I'm looking forward to more "married couples" nights out ;) xo Kaht

Pat's mom is a wonderful artist and chose one of their engagement images to sketch and make the front of the program. I just love little details like this!

While Robert hung out with the guys...

...I hovered around the beautiful bride as she finished getting ready :)


According to mom's face...

... Kate is ready to go!

Just gorgeous.

Kate's godfather, who is a deacon, married the the couple. A beautiful and touching ceremony!

Just after exchanging their rings. *love*

Mr. & Mrs.!

Handsome groom, beautiful bride, perfect weather, perfect day!

It's hard to resist!

Fierce. No other word for it.

Lovely ladies :)

Love your smile Kate!

And your blue eyes Pat :)

Oh! Remember these two? Kate's brother, Anthony, and his wife Tara were married this past June! It was fun to see them again :)

The favor's were custom designed bookmarks by Mimi's Bookmarks in Quechee, VT. Very cool!

Michelle from Petals was here! She always makes such beautiful arrangements. Love working with her!

Congratulations Kate & Pat!

To enjoy more images from their day, check out their slideshow!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Engaged: Kendell & Jame: The Quechee Inn, Vermont

Sometimes life itself gets in the way of true love. It sets up a solid brick wall with a single dirty window. And when you look through that window, it is hard to tell what exactly is on the other side. But, polish that window and eventually break down that wall and there love waits. Beautiful and patient.

Kendell & Jame originally met through work, but did not get to know one another very well until work no longer was in the way. It is love stories like this that always give me the chills because what if work had remained in the way? How long would these two have had to wait to fall in love? I tell you, love works in mysterious ways. And I am so happy it does! Because it brought this sweet couple into my life. Their wedding is next May and I am really looking forward to a day celebrating their love! It is bound to be quite fantastic :)

Enjoy some images from their recent engagement session that took place at The Quechee Inn, where their wedding will take place next May. xo Kaht

Kendell's boots were a gift from her grandfather to her grandmother years ago. I loved that she was wearing them!


A red barn with lace curtains? :)

Kendell has beautiful blue eyes, but I could not resist the elegance of a black and white treatment to this image.

Thank you for a great morning K&J!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Married: Shauni & Gerren: New Hampshire

This past summer I have had the distinct honor of not only photographing many wonderful couples weddings, but being able to photograph the weddings of some couples that I know from "outside the business": Friends. Yes, a lot of my couples become friends as we get to know one another along the way, but I am talking about the "knew you before you were too cool to be cool" folks.

And let me be the first to admit openly, that the the trickiest weddings to photograph are those where you have a special connection with the couple. You want to be in the moment, but you do not want to miss the moments. You want to cry a happy tear during the ceremony, but you hold it back so you can get a straight shot. It is just a delicate balance that is at times hard to reach. I'm not sure how other people do it.

If you remember Shauni & Gerren's engagement session, you'll remember that they knew me back in the day. Gerren was actually at one of my first boy/girl birthday parties. And Shauni and I, well...we used to have sleepovers where we would use a label maker (hi-tech!) and print the name of our secret crushes and stick it all over the inside of our notebooks. Yep. And when their two worlds merged in high school over a borrowed Dave Matthew's CD, life was just going in the right direction. As if it had been planned. :)

And as plans shall go, a lot of planning went in to their fantastic wedding day. From all the handmade details to the homegrown flower arrangements, there were a lot of special touches. And as I greeted my friend on her wedding day and hugged her, I put on my photo game face. Capture the moment. Capture the moment. And so I did. I captured the moment from the first time her dad saw her in her gown , to when her and Gerren became husband and wife, through the celebration and fireworks. No tears. No fuss. Just me and my photo game face.

Then I started to edit.

And as I went through the images and relived the day, watching my dear friends dedicate themselves to one another, tears came to my eyes and I smiled and sniffled. All the joy I had been holding in came to the surface as I sat in my office reliving the day through images. Reliving the moments that Robert and I captured throughout the day. And I could not have been happier.

Congratulations again Shauni & Gerren! I am honored and blessed to call you my friends and to have been a part of your wedding day. Thank you. May love and joy intertwine itself in your marriage for all of your days. Enjoy reliving your day! xo Kaht

When Robert and I arrived, the girls were well underway in getting ready.

We were just in time for some bubbly!

My friend, she is so lovely...

Shauni wore her great-grandmother's pearls. They were just the perfect touch of elegance!

The beautiful ladies!

Shauni & her sister :)

Just stunning!

While I stayed with the girls, Robert headed over to catch the guys getting ready.

Forgive me S&G, but this set makes me laugh so hard! I hope you enjoy the humor in it. Courtesy of Robert!

Moments before heading down the aisle.

Gerren's expression at seeing Shauni for the first time is simply perfect!

Shauni's uncle was the officiant and added so many sweet personal touches to the ceremony.

The sweet flower girl just wanted to toss the petals one. more. time. :)

The colors were just delightful!

All day rain threatened and the skies kept going from perfect blue to dark and ominous.

After just reading his vows. :)

"I now pronounce you man and wife!" Shauni's reaction is just priceless!



A good looking wedding party :)

I loved how casual the guys were and their fabulous ties! Just added such a great color to the day :)

Just for fun :)

Normally I do not torture wedding parties, but....I swear, I had not idea the field was literally infested with stinging nettles! Luckily they were tough and no one said anything until I walked into the field and said, "OW!!!" I'm weak.

While I captured the image on the left, Robert captured the image on the right. Just another joy of working with my dad, who is also a fabulous photographer.

I have to admit, this was Shauni's idea. And I love it!! x a million.


I adore you two! You are just so perfect together :)

A lot of handmade details made the tent just beautiful! The favors were handmade ornaments by Shauni's mom. Very neat!

I loved the inclusion of sunflowers throughout! A nice autumn touch.

First dance sweetness.

The toasts (roasts) has everyone laughing and smiling!

I love the fingerprint guest tree :)

And we'll finish off with the finale to the night: a fire works display!
Enjoy more of their story here! Their first dance was to the song: a new favorite of mine!