Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall in Love!

As I focused through the lens on the lovely young women who was sitting in front of me, I heard a faint noise. And as she tipped her head to the sky with a small smile on her face, the noise became clear. It was the sound that always signals to me that fall is near. A flock of geese were flying overhead in an ever magnificent 'V' shape. We all paused and watched as they passed overhead.

One year ago I was busily preparing to marry my love. And one year later I am still so happy in love. Fall may signal the end of summer and start of the cold grey winter, but to me it will always be a sign of new beginnings and great adventures. And the beauty of autumn's splendor certainly does not hinder falling in love all over again :) xo Kaht


daria bishop said...

Your words and photo are lovely!
Was this at Catamount?

Kathleen North Porter said...

Right near Adam's Orchard in Williston :)