Monday, September 20, 2010

Engaged: Kendell & Jame: The Quechee Inn, Vermont

Sometimes life itself gets in the way of true love. It sets up a solid brick wall with a single dirty window. And when you look through that window, it is hard to tell what exactly is on the other side. But, polish that window and eventually break down that wall and there love waits. Beautiful and patient.

Kendell & Jame originally met through work, but did not get to know one another very well until work no longer was in the way. It is love stories like this that always give me the chills because what if work had remained in the way? How long would these two have had to wait to fall in love? I tell you, love works in mysterious ways. And I am so happy it does! Because it brought this sweet couple into my life. Their wedding is next May and I am really looking forward to a day celebrating their love! It is bound to be quite fantastic :)

Enjoy some images from their recent engagement session that took place at The Quechee Inn, where their wedding will take place next May. xo Kaht

Kendell's boots were a gift from her grandfather to her grandmother years ago. I loved that she was wearing them!


A red barn with lace curtains? :)

Kendell has beautiful blue eyes, but I could not resist the elegance of a black and white treatment to this image.

Thank you for a great morning K&J!


Susan said...

Brings tears to my eyes! So beautiful . . . can't wait for more. Love you both! The MOG!

rlensing said...
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rlensing said...

Thank you Kaht for "getting" them and capturing it on film!! I love the photos that I have seen! I completely agree with Sue (The MOG). I love these photos a can't wait for the wedding. I'm just shedding tear after tear of joy!!! Love to you both!!! The MOB!!!

Aunt Jan said...

Magnificent shots of you both as well as the scenery. The setting was just perfect. Aunt Jan