Monday, September 13, 2010

Botched Workflow

It sure seems like everything the past week and a half has been out to totally botch up my workflow. You jive, my moves, my ultra smooth processing groove. If it wasn't the brand new computer monitor needing to be returned and replaced due to a faulty color sync, it was the power going out, or the house painters poking their heads in my office windows looking to shoot the breeze. HELLO! I'm WOKRIN' HERE!

Can somebody please play a sad little ditty on the fiddle for me? Thanks.

However, despite all the mishaps and mix-ups, I am still trucking along here and looking at a few thousand miles before I sleeeeep tonight. It is better to move forward slowly than to stand completely still.

In the meantime, enjoy this image from a recent session. This couple's wedding is 1 year out and I am already looking forward to it! You'll learn more about them in their upcoming post, but suffice to say, they are pretty cool folks:) xo Kaht

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