Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keeping Up With Kaht and Devin: Our Photos

Now that we are under two weeks to W-Day, I have been scrabbling to get things done. One thing being a guest book including our engagement photos by my friend and fellow photog Justin Cash. When he is not the extreme winter sports photographer, he is putting on a suit and tie and turning on the charm and wit at weddings, just my type of wedding photographer!

I just finished editing my favorites and wanted to share a few with you. We do not look quite so bad when we get shined up! Enjoy and have a great week. ::fingers crossed:: I will get another post up mid this week! xo K

Justin rocks because he humors my insane ideas, like having a picnic complete with wine and pie!

The picnic basket is a gift from Devin's parents, who received it on their wedding day :)

Devin made the pie. It is why I am marrying him. For his mad pie baking skills! :)

Cherry pie!!

The "proposal socks". A funny story of how we got engaged. Maybe I will tell you sometime...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Maternity Photos: Brenda and Jeff

There is much to be said about this couple. But in the interest of sharing these images with you, I will keep this short and sweet. They are nothing short of fabulous. FABULOUS! (Okay, I will step off of my little mountain now). But really...I have worked with them several times in the past year (engagement session and wedding day) and when they contacted me about belly photos (after I did several back flips in excitement) I was thrilled I would get to see them again!

This baby is going to be welcomed into such warm and loving arms. Brenda and Jeff have so much love between them that their baby is simply going to float on a little cloud of rainbows and bluebirds. :) Not to mention, parents-to-be who give their photographer ice cream sandwiches after photo sessions are no doubt going to rock!! Best of luck B+J! Any day now:) xo Kaht

Gus :)

Baby Tickles

When a client forgets for a moment that I am photographing them and just lives in that second, I am truly blessed with a beautiful image that speaks volumes. The following sequence is from a recent maternity session. While we were working on the backdrops, the baby moved and tickled Brenda's belly. I was so pleased to see while editing that I had captured the 10 seconds of Brenda getting lost in the moment of tickling her baby back!  xo Kaht

More images from this session will be up soon!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Woodstock Inn & Resort Makes for a Tasty Visit

Warning: Similar to eating before going food shopping so you do not buy all sorts of unhealthy food because you are STARVING, I might recommend you have a snack before viewing these images. I had the pleasure of photographing the amenities offered by The Woodstock Inn & Resort and despite having had a big, healthy lunch, I still swooned and eyed the delicious snacks that were inches from my lens. (and nose!)

Regardless, when the opportunity arises and you find yourself heading towards a stay at The Woodstock Inn & Resort, drop hints, notes, or kind reminders to family, friends, and loving spouses to hook you up! (Heck! Order it yourself and have the note say "All my love, Don Juan". No shame.) There is nothing nicer than arriving at your destination to find mouth watering cheese and cracker platter with a bottle of wine or a bag (made of chocolate!!) of freshly made cookies with two glasses of ice. cold. milk. Fabulous! xo K