Saturday, September 5, 2009

Maternity Photos: Brenda and Jeff

There is much to be said about this couple. But in the interest of sharing these images with you, I will keep this short and sweet. They are nothing short of fabulous. FABULOUS! (Okay, I will step off of my little mountain now). But really...I have worked with them several times in the past year (engagement session and wedding day) and when they contacted me about belly photos (after I did several back flips in excitement) I was thrilled I would get to see them again!

This baby is going to be welcomed into such warm and loving arms. Brenda and Jeff have so much love between them that their baby is simply going to float on a little cloud of rainbows and bluebirds. :) Not to mention, parents-to-be who give their photographer ice cream sandwiches after photo sessions are no doubt going to rock!! Best of luck B+J! Any day now:) xo Kaht

Gus :)


Kristin Thomas Sancken said...

So wonderful to see these! I still can't believe you know my cousin! And that we're having babies at the same tie.

Orchard Cove Photography said...

So sweet. Love the one with the water in the back, the dog (of course!) and the silhouette - pretty pretty pretty!