Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

This morning after my shower and bowl of yogurt, I sat down at my desk and about fell over backwards.

It is December 31, 2009 and my To-Do list is a scribble of notes and reminders and things starred as *IMPORTANT*!! It is so long that it nearly rolls down the stairs and out the door.

This cannot be a good start to a new year...

And then a little voice (actually my Mother-in-Law's sweet voice) reminds me to live today, not tomorrow and let the past be but a good memory. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the big picture that I miss the details. And it is the details that I am so fond of! So today, I am not tackling the To-Do list....not the whole thing at least. I'm taking care of a few little details and then calling it a good year. There is family to spend time with and memories to make!

So Happy New Year Everyone!

2009 has truly been amazing. AMAZING!! I am so blessed by all of the people I have met, friends I have made and stories I have to share of memories that make me smile! And there are some awesome stories! So, enjoy your memories and relish the details. For now, the big picture can wait. xo Kaht

Here's to a fantastic 2010!

*A Sneak Peak of what's to come next year! (err week...)*

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Keeping Up with K&D: Merry Christmas!

The house is cleaned and the linens are ironed. The stockings are hung and the presents are wrapped. Packages have been mailed, donations have been sent, parties have been attended and cookies have been baked. And yet the To-Do list is longer than is was last week...

But for the next few days everything else can wait. These are the few days out of the year that are strictly reserved for family time.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! I hope that you will be spending some quality time with the people you love. Be it family or friends, this is the time of year for gathering and joy! xo Kaht

My mother gave Devin and I a selection of my grandmother's antique ornaments for our first tree.

This ornament I received at a gift exchange with our church. It is by a Vermont artist who was chosen to make an ornament for a tree at The White House.

We found these nifty 3D glasses that make the Christmas lights into different shapes. There were snowmen, snowflakes, and angels, but our favorite was the star!

Merry Christmas!

Client Snuggles

I love snuggling with my clients.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The last time I saw Brenda and Jeff there was no snow on the ground. It was actually kind of hot. And the bugs were biting us as we took pictures outside of their new home. Afterwards we had ice cream sandwiches as we placed our best guesses at what the next few days would bring. "Labor Day" was just a few days off and Brenda's due date (appropriately enough!) for their first child (not counting the dog Gus or cat George of course!). I was leaning towards a girl and well....I WIN! The darling Miss. Martina graced the world with her sweet presence just a few days past Labor Day.

Just this past weekend Devin and I ventured back to New Hampshire to meet with this wonderful family again and capture Martina at 3 months. As always, it was a great time spent with a wonderful couple and their sweet little girl. Enjoy some of my top favorites. xo Kaht

We arrived just as Brenda and Jeff were getting back from Christmas shopping with baby M. She was so cute and snuggly in her car seat!

I looove Martina's travel bag. Very cool.

Gus was certain this shoot was for him...

Jeff's grandfather built this cradle for HIM when he was a baby. It is a stunning work!

Family photo!

I really like the music with this slideshow :) It is very calming and simple. Mmmmm.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Secret: Mahler & Henry

Operation 12/18 was the reference on this session.

A top secret portrait session arranged by Mahler, Henry and their dad as a surprise gift for their mom's upcoming birthday.

With our schedules synced so that mom was away for a few days on a trip, I arrived at their home on a gray November day and was greeted by the ever-so-friendly dog Elvis. Everyone was pretty psyched for out super secret session and overall, it is safe to say, we had a great time! And I hear that the framed portraits were well received by mom, who had no clue! Ladies and gents, that's how we work: under the cover of darkness and guise of ignorance.

Enjoy my favorites and have a great day! xo Kaht

Elvis had a thing for rocks and carrying them around. BIG rocks.

Both Henry and Mahler play pretty much EVERY sport out there. I really love this image of their gear and game faces :)

Check out their slideshow here! It's pretty sweet :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ryland & Jane

Life is so fast and so full of noise that many times moments are missed and before we know it children are grown and young parents have wrinkles and an empty nest. This is not so at the familiar home of Jane and Ryland. Time moves slower, pleasure it taken in daily life, and although babies grow into toddlers and then into children before our eyes, the moments are enjoyed and cherished.

These images were taken in mid-September before the chaos that is called 'The Wedding' took place. And already both children have changed and grown so much in the span of 2 months. Amazing. :)

Enjoy my favorites from the shoot and remember to take a minute (or two!) and enjoy the moments that make life beautiful. xo Kaht

Ryland, our Miracle Baby, has become such a strong happy child! :)

Love baby faces!!

Mommy & Me time!

Jane woke from her nap just in time for some extra beautiful light coming in the window.

Love this girl!!

'Oh! There's Kaht's eye!'

For more adorable smiles and beautiful eyes check out their slideshow!