Thursday, December 24, 2009

Keeping Up with K&D: Merry Christmas!

The house is cleaned and the linens are ironed. The stockings are hung and the presents are wrapped. Packages have been mailed, donations have been sent, parties have been attended and cookies have been baked. And yet the To-Do list is longer than is was last week...

But for the next few days everything else can wait. These are the few days out of the year that are strictly reserved for family time.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! I hope that you will be spending some quality time with the people you love. Be it family or friends, this is the time of year for gathering and joy! xo Kaht

My mother gave Devin and I a selection of my grandmother's antique ornaments for our first tree.

This ornament I received at a gift exchange with our church. It is by a Vermont artist who was chosen to make an ornament for a tree at The White House.

We found these nifty 3D glasses that make the Christmas lights into different shapes. There were snowmen, snowflakes, and angels, but our favorite was the star!

Merry Christmas!

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