Friday, December 11, 2009

Ryland & Jane

Life is so fast and so full of noise that many times moments are missed and before we know it children are grown and young parents have wrinkles and an empty nest. This is not so at the familiar home of Jane and Ryland. Time moves slower, pleasure it taken in daily life, and although babies grow into toddlers and then into children before our eyes, the moments are enjoyed and cherished.

These images were taken in mid-September before the chaos that is called 'The Wedding' took place. And already both children have changed and grown so much in the span of 2 months. Amazing. :)

Enjoy my favorites from the shoot and remember to take a minute (or two!) and enjoy the moments that make life beautiful. xo Kaht

Ryland, our Miracle Baby, has become such a strong happy child! :)

Love baby faces!!

Mommy & Me time!

Jane woke from her nap just in time for some extra beautiful light coming in the window.

Love this girl!!

'Oh! There's Kaht's eye!'

For more adorable smiles and beautiful eyes check out their slideshow!

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Orchard Cove Photography said...

These kiddos have THE most amazing blue eyes - so beautiful!!