Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Secret: Mahler & Henry

Operation 12/18 was the reference on this session.

A top secret portrait session arranged by Mahler, Henry and their dad as a surprise gift for their mom's upcoming birthday.

With our schedules synced so that mom was away for a few days on a trip, I arrived at their home on a gray November day and was greeted by the ever-so-friendly dog Elvis. Everyone was pretty psyched for out super secret session and overall, it is safe to say, we had a great time! And I hear that the framed portraits were well received by mom, who had no clue! Ladies and gents, that's how we work: under the cover of darkness and guise of ignorance.

Enjoy my favorites and have a great day! xo Kaht

Elvis had a thing for rocks and carrying them around. BIG rocks.

Both Henry and Mahler play pretty much EVERY sport out there. I really love this image of their gear and game faces :)

Check out their slideshow here! It's pretty sweet :)


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Love so many of these - you did great with them!

Kathleen North said...

Thanks Amanda!