Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chicago or Bust!

I've packed my hand sanitizer, echinacea, a face mask, water sanitizing tablets and some clothes. It's off to Chicago! And I'm flying. I am definitely looking for to a weekend with two of my closest girl friends (woohoo!), but not looking forward to venturing out of my safe little, germ free (okay, swine flu free) country home. But! You only live once, so off I go loaded with germ-fighting power! Have a great weekend everyone! xo K

This bouquet is by Michelle of Petals. I just love the color! It makes me think of lace and pretty ladies in fluffy dresses, strolling through victorian era gardens. What a vision! We are working with Michelle to build her portfolio and a new website! (Coming soon)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Britney and Uncle Ken's Birthday!

I love, love, LOVE getting together with my friends. We always have such a great time catching up and telling stories, laughing and eating. At the end of the night I no doubt leave with sore abs from laughing so much. My friends keep me young and happy! So on Saturday when Britney invited Devin and I to her and Uncle Ken's birthday dinner, I happily obliged. Unfortunately Devin was not able to make the trip, but I made sure to talk enough (and eat enough) for both of us! 

Enjoy a little peak at our evening. 

When I arrived I made sure to seek out my little friend Lila. We do not get to see each other nearly enough! But she always gifts me with a great (trixy looking) smile that just melts my heart.

Lila and her lovely mum Sarah. 

Salmon-check, tuna steak-check, steak steak-check, delicious homemade dinner spread-check! YUM!

Birthday kids Britney and Uncle Ken showing those candles who is in charge!

The cake was a three-layer chocolate cake with raspberry jam and chocolate chips in the center. Ah-MAZE-ing!

Ben, his nice Florida tan, and a big piece of cake!

Emily and Uncle Ken. Emily had just returned from a trip to Greece and showed us a cool souvenir: a Pythagorean Cup. I was enthralled! Talk about a cool invention. Wouldn't fly in America though...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITNEY AND UNCLE KEN! Marian (and all who cooked), dinner was delish! Thank you for a great evening. xo K

Cat vs. Printer

I love animals. And not simply because they are cute, cuddly, and give me the undying affection that I crave, but because they have such fantastic personalities! All of my pets provide me with endless moments of laughter. And if you have not seen the new Disney movie "Earth" yet, I definitely reccomend it. Animals are just as funny in nature!

For now, enjoy this video that Devin shared with me. I am in stiches each time I watch it!

Happy Monday!

xo K

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Almost 50, Certainly Fabulous

When Kathy initially contacted me for photos of her husbands surprise birthday party, I was excited. When she then gave me all the details about the extravagant birthday weekend she had planned (secretly), I was ecstatic! How fun! And I could not wait to be a part of it. 

Brad, the birthday boy (who is not really 50 until December), was whisked away on a weekend trip to The Woodstock Inn & Resort by his lovely wife. She told him that he would be coming face to face with someone important Friday evening. Who could it be? Well...Brad had NO idea! A running joke in his circle of family and friends is that Brad really enjoys seeing himself (in pictures or the mirror). Kathy took that joke and ran with it!

Kathy, Brad is truly blessed to have such an amazing woman by his side, making him smile, and keeping him young. From the arrival gifts to the departing brunch, the whole weekend was amazing! I'm sure you hear, but everyone kept saying what a great time they were having. And Brad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From now and through the whole year, CELEBRATE!

Enjoy some of my favorites below from a fabulous weekend.  

FRIDAY Night Surprise Party

Kathy had large posters made with Brad's picture, that were displayed in The Main Dining Room.

Who was Brad coming face-to-face with? Himself of course! Kathy had masks made of Brad's face for everyone to hide behind during the surprise. It was a hoot seeing "Brad" all over the room!


All of Brad's friends collaborated to put together a slide show with music, photos and memories. It had everyone laughing!

Kathy got a standing ovation for all of her hard work that was put into a great weekend trip.

SATURDAY Day Activities

Saturday was gray, but that did not stop anyone from getting out and enjoying the Woodstock area. Group photo first!

The Quechee Gorge hiking crew.

Lunch break at The Farmers Diner!

Brad and his beautiful wife, Kathy.

After lunch we visited the different artisans around The Quechee Gorge Village.

And checked out the beautiful glass at Simon Pearce.

SATURDAY Night Dinner

Everyone wore their "festive" black to welcome Brad to his new age.

SUNDAY Morning Brunch

Sunday dawned sunny with blue skies. A perfect Vermont spring day!

Some early birds had to hit the road before breakfast.

Kathy had cards for everyone to write a note to Brad. The back reads: "Brought to you by YAAA. Youth Against Aging Alliance and the Committee to Keep Brad Young"

Did I mention the life size photo cutout of Brad? Check it out in the background here. It was present all weekend at the various events. As I was departing after brunch I heard discussion of how it will be passed around amongst the friends and photographed in various places. Was there mention of him perhaps modeling a bridal gown?? :)

And "Brad" is off for his first visit with friends! 
Thanks guys and gals for a great weekend!

xo K

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Generation, Day by Day

When did I grow up? I think I missed it. Seriously though! I called to confirm a lunch date with one of my best friends from back in HS and I asked him what he was doing. "Oh, just making dinner." Making's such a grown-up thing to do! It seems like yesterday that we were "Doing homework" or "Watching TV" or "Questioning parental authority." I'm not sure why it hit me today, but it did! I don;t feel like a "grownup", but I'm definitely no longer a completely carefree teen. I have a career, a soon-to-be husband (yikes!), and *eek* bills. Devin and I are also going to look at real estate on Saturday and that is pretty crazy grownup in itself! Oh man. I hope I never really lose all of my teen bliss and that when my friends call me to chat I can say, "I'm making dinner, BUT I'm wearing pearls and a lace embroidered apron." Huzzah!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Despite the gray rain today, it is still a beautiful place to live:) 

xo K

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

From my family to yours, I hope everyone had a wonderfully joyous Easter! 
xo K

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nikon D700 and Then Some!

A "mere" week after our friendly UPS guy delivered two large boxes to our doorstep, Dad and I finally found the time to sit down together and open up our new toys. And despite being down with a spring cold, I could not resist posting my test run pics!

The newest edition to my photography family. :) (Taken with my beloved D200)

Along with a new D700 body, I also am the new happy owner of Nikon's 70-200mm 2.8 lens. Dad was the lucky first subject. 

Mom then snuck in for a quick cuddle shot. 

I have always said I wish I was a cat and this picture just confirms my desires: sleep sleep sleep.

I am so excited about this new gem! As I name everything, I will have to think of a name for this new camera. (The D200 was called Nick) Suggestions welcome! 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring is Upon Us! Summer is Near.

Happy Monday! It is a gray spring day here in Vermont with an 80% chance of showers. My bulbs are finally poking through the ground and there is a possibility that they might bloom in time for Easter! ::fingers crossed:: I truly love Spring because even though everything is gray and dead looking, new life is just around the corner! Before I know it baby birds will be chirping, trees budding, flowers blooming and grass just waiting to be cut. (I really enjoy mowing the lawn. It’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!) So, though it might be gray and flat, I hope you have a wonderful day! Spring is upon us and summer is near.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Legendary Strafford Blues Band

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of heading out to beautiful Strafford, Vermont and photographing the Legendary Strafford Blues Band. Now, if you have not heard these guys and gal before, fo' shame! But no blame. They are working hard to carve a niche for themselves in the performance world and recently added Kat Murphy to the line-up as lead vocals. (Fabulous!) After photos the band let me sit in on their practice for a few songs and WHOA! Amazing! I can just picture them on stage with fabulous bluesy lighting and a man in the audience puffing on a fancy cigar. Smooooth. 

I definitely recommend you check them out. Their next performance is April 25 at Gusanoz in Lebanon. Go, eat some awesome food, and hear some great music! Admission is free. If you want to be added to their e-mail list for other concert updates (no spam!!), email Corey at: 

Van; Drums, Corey; Electric Guitar, Kat; lead vocals, Paul; bass, Mark; harmonica