Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Generation, Day by Day

When did I grow up? I think I missed it. Seriously though! I called to confirm a lunch date with one of my best friends from back in HS and I asked him what he was doing. "Oh, just making dinner." Making's such a grown-up thing to do! It seems like yesterday that we were "Doing homework" or "Watching TV" or "Questioning parental authority." I'm not sure why it hit me today, but it did! I don;t feel like a "grownup", but I'm definitely no longer a completely carefree teen. I have a career, a soon-to-be husband (yikes!), and *eek* bills. Devin and I are also going to look at real estate on Saturday and that is pretty crazy grownup in itself! Oh man. I hope I never really lose all of my teen bliss and that when my friends call me to chat I can say, "I'm making dinner, BUT I'm wearing pearls and a lace embroidered apron." Huzzah!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Despite the gray rain today, it is still a beautiful place to live:) 

xo K


Devin said...

you are SOOO fabulous! what a crazy good picture :)

Kathleen North said...

YOU are biased, but thanks love:)