Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chicago or Bust!

I've packed my hand sanitizer, echinacea, a face mask, water sanitizing tablets and some clothes. It's off to Chicago! And I'm flying. I am definitely looking for to a weekend with two of my closest girl friends (woohoo!), but not looking forward to venturing out of my safe little, germ free (okay, swine flu free) country home. But! You only live once, so off I go loaded with germ-fighting power! Have a great weekend everyone! xo K

This bouquet is by Michelle of Petals. I just love the color! It makes me think of lace and pretty ladies in fluffy dresses, strolling through victorian era gardens. What a vision! We are working with Michelle to build her portfolio and a new website! (Coming soon)


Devin said...

hey, that's cool. did you just have that box lying around or did michelle provide it?


Kristen said...

Michelle provided it. She has all the cool stuff:)

daria said...

what a gorgeous bouquet!
i'll bet her portfolio is going to be amazing! : )
hope you had a fun trip to Chicago!