Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Madeleine

Soft, sweet, cuddly, beautiful babies: I am simply in my little own piece of heaven. And with several belly sessions lined up this summer, ultimately it means I will get to cuddle, hug, and photograph more babies soon! A couple weeks ago I happily made my way north on a gray afternoon to meet with baby Madeleine and her parents. I met Madeleine a mere few days after she was born when her father and mother were toting her about proudly to show her off. Being totally smitten, I immediately said, “We need to do photos” and the rest is history!

Al Capone was highly interested in me and my camera bag when I arrived. Just doing his duty as local gangster. Gotta keep the neighborhood safe and camera thugs under control!

btw, I love the tattoo on Whitney's wrist. "let is be" A simple reminder in a busy, crazy world.

Thank you Whitney and Alex for letting me into your home to capture Maddie in all her tiny baby glory! She is simply beautiful. Best of luck with everything in life! xo K

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