Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Dark and Cloudy E-Session

"We'll make it early, 9am, that way we won't encounter bright daylight outside!" I told them.  

Morning of and I am driving to the session, looking up at the sky, imploring God for "a little more light please, please, please." Despite promises from the weather channel that the clouds would  clear up over night, producing beautiful morning skies, Saturday morning was dark and threatening. I was always told in Sunday School and Church that God provides what you need when you need it and I was really hoping He might consider this one of my times of need. 

At 9am it still looked liked dusk outside, but we found a beautiful location and had a wonderful morning. 

Due to this fabulous couples involvement in the CIA, FBI and Secret Society of Cat Cuddling, I will not be mentioning names or showing faces, but I could not pass up a few favorites from our cloudy morning! Mostly because two of them are done by my beloved! Devin has quite an eye for a chemist ;) Maybe I am rubbing off??

Thank you to our wonderful couple! We really had a great time running around with you both. I am really looking forward to your wedding this summer!

xo K

Devin saw this image and waited until the end of the session to borrow Edward (D700) and give it a whirl. This was a beautiful old meeting house built in the early 1800's. I just loved it!

The trees have really leafed out in the past few weeks.  There is so much beautiful, lush greenery surrounding us!

Devin also caught this image of my working with Lucy (Medium Format Mamiya). 


daria said...

We had a wedding in Woodstock that morning so I know how dark it was. But as long as it's not raining, I always love the moodiness of an overcast day. I'm sure your photos turned out beautifully! : )

Hey your sweet blog comment cracked me up the other day! Your dad should have thrown in a super-dee-duper cute bunny or kitten for an extra nice surprise!


Kathleen North said...

Oh! I cannot wait to see the photos. Was it at The Woodstock Inn & Resort? I am pretty pleased with how our images turned out:) Clouds or no clouds, it was a lovely day!

Funny thing about the super de duper kitty is that we might be aquiring not one but TWO new felines in the next week. A kitten (from an orphaned litter) and a stray (from my brother's college area). My home will be a zoo! But a cute, cuddly petting zoo type hopefully.