Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Life Musical

Sometimes I fancy my life to be a musical where I might just burst out singing at any moment. And of course since this would be my life musical, I am a wonderful singer who knows all the words and the perfect song for the utterly emotional moment at hand.

Just this morning while on my morning walk along this pretty country road, I just could not help but have an overwhelming sense of happiness (oh man, here comes a song) for life. “La la la la!” Perhaps it was the birds singing or the little bunch of wild flowers in my hand, but seriously… When you are walking along you think and you notice things around you and the sounds and smells….hot damn! Life is beautiful! Everything melts away. That bad customer service agent is no longer at the forefront of your mind as numeral uno on your anger list. No! Perhaps they just were having a bad day and well…who knew what cup of tea they were drinking. I’ll just send some positive energy their way and call back laterJ Life truly is lovely and that makes me want to sing (and dance).

The other day while Jane and I were visiting our friend Bo’s house, not only did we get to collect salamanders in the pond and help transplant baby flowers, but we were sent home with two Sun Gold tomato plants! (One for me and one for Devin.) I was so excited over these lovely plants that there was a little bounce in my step (and song on my lips) as we headed home. Bo has some fabulous “Thank-You” pastries coming her way now. Thank you Bo!

So today and tomorrow and for the next million years, I hope you have a chance to see how beautiful life is and perhaps sing a little song about it! :) xo Kaht

Bo, Jane, and Lucy Dog in Bo's beautiful garden last summer.

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