Saturday, June 20, 2009

Any Day Now! Jess' Belly

Jess makes pregnancy look easy. She has embraced this time in her life and simply glows every time I see her. She might deny it, but even at 9 months (any day now!) she still moves around like she is toting a feather pillow attached to her stomach and not another human being. She does not complain, she does not roll her eyes, and she hardly misses a step when chasing after her 2.5 year old, Jane. It is really amazing!

Truly it has been my ultimate joy to be a part of Jess’ pregnancy from the day she told me, “You might wonder why I am gaining weight, so I should tell you…I’m pregnant.” :) I had hardly noticed, but was completely head over heels excited for her and her family! We immediately started documenting her belly on a monthly basis and watching her and Baby Iggy (boy or girl, we don’t know!) grow has been amazing. Really…she makes it look easy!

Jane is really excited for the new baby to arrive. Sometimes there is concern about older siblings not welcoming the new baby, but Jane is completely ready to be a big sister. Early on in Jess’ pregnancy, Jane would refer to her mom and her belly as two separate things: “Bye Mommy. Bye Belly.” Now she recognizes there is a baby in there and talks daily about the baby arriving soon. Adorable!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! And keep Jess in your thoughts as Baby Iggy is bound to arrive any day now! {No doubt she’ll make that look easy too. :)}

This was a fun shot for many reasons, one of them being that the baby kept moving and literally knocking the rings off! We had to keep rebalancing the rings. It was pretty amazing to watch though. :)

Jane's first time drinking out of a hose. Dad was a great teacher!

This is one of my very favorite images: just so peaceful.

Jess was blessed with these beautiful blue eyes. Glamorous!

Big sister to-be :) 
xo Kaht

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Kristen said...

Absolutely gorgeous photographs! What a great eye you have!

Aunt Kristen (Stout) Lovelock