Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Keeping Up with Kaht and Devin: Wedding Invitations!

No turning back now! Devin and I mailed out our wedding invites this past Monday and they are on their way across the country {and world} to our family and friends. Looking back on the experience of making our own invites (like literally..we made everything), I don’t regret it. I only had one meltdown where I shredded a piece of paper, cursed out loud and tossed it into the air. My poor younger brother just stared at me as confetti rained down around us and then he went and did the dishes. (Without being asked!)

Devin, bless his heart, said all the right things as we were cutting, gluing, embossing, and sewing the various parts of the invitations: “Darling, we must have saved a thousand dollars doing these ourselves!”, “Truly, these handmade invites reflect who we are. I don’t think a stationary store could have captured that.” and “Don’t worry, I will take care of gluing these corners and embossing these cards. Go fiddle!”  He is truly someone I can rely on to follow and help me with all of my crazy ideas and endeavors. {Thanks love;)} 

As I dropped off the big box of them at the post office, the kind gentleman behind the counter reached for the box and said, “Oh, let me take those for you.” As he gently tugged the box, I was reluctant to let go. Not because I doubt the wedding and my marriage to Devin, but because I did not want my perfect little creations to go out into the rough, dirty world of the United States Postal Service! ‘Be careful,’ I whispered with a grin and shrug and let them go. 

We are planning our wedding around fall colors, country settings, and vintage items, so we wanted out invites to have a vintage country feel to them. The vellum and leaves are sewn onto the handmade paper we made a couple of months ago. Each handmade envelope is hand stamped and gold embossed with our design. The envelope liner is a photo from last autumn that I took while on a stroll and complimented the leaves on the invites so nicely! The RSVP postcards were designed with a stamp I found at a craft store in the bargain bin (yay!) and then we glued lace onto the back to give them texture and a vintage feel. A lot of work, however, we are so pleased with how they turned out!

Without further ado, our invites:

I simply love the texture and raw edges of the handmade paper!

Truth here: can you tell what our stamp is supposed to be? :)

And because the green leaves were so fabulous, I could not resist a few ring shots :)

xo K


Orchard Cove Photography said...

I am EXTREMELY impressed! These invitations are SO beautiful and I can tell what the stamp is (at least I think I can) - Devin picking you up under a tree right?

Cassie said...

OMG beautiful Kaht! I'm sooo excited and its kind of a bummer that Carl and I won't get ours until after we get home :(

Kathleen North said...

Amanda rocks! Thank you. My mom said, "Is that a lion or golden retriever standing up?" and my dad thought it was a gopher. !! :D

And Cassie, do you think I would make you wait until you got home?? Heck no! It's on it's way to the upper bounds of the U.S. Hope it makes it!