Friday, June 19, 2009

To-Do-Less Weekend

"Oh beautiful fiance of mine, what do we have planned for this glorious weekend that we get to spend in one another’s company?” Devin e-mailed me (and I slightly embellished). “Gaze lovingly at one another…” I replied coyly.

This shocked Devin as I normally shoot back a long list of things we MUST accomplish in our two days off. But seeing as it will likely rain this weekend, our to-do list is quite short. It mainly consists of stuffing our invites into envelopes (we’re nearly done!!), going to a friend’s cookout, maybe weeding a flower bed if the rain lets up, and waiting ever so patiently for a phone call from our friend who is due any day with her second child.

Wow! A weekend of gazing lovingly at my dearest…Amazing! Last weekend was a whirlwind that I’m not quite certain I can recall every aspect. We were up late Friday night cutting, gluing, and trimming invitations, up early Saturday to plant tomato plants in the family garden that of course led to us planting the whole 70’x70’ garden plot, to being up late Saturday evening cutting, gluing, and embossing envelopes, to a busy day on Sunday with Church, putting in the garden fence, and fiddle lessons. I even got pecked in the head by a robin after I got too close to her still occupied nest. (I was looking for an old egg shell {long boring story} and I truly thought the babies had grown-up and flew the coop!)

A small to-do list weekend sounds quite lovely.

Devin's feet, not mine:)
After Planting the Garden                                                After a Nice Clean Shower

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