Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Lethargy

Today I feel super uber lethargic and just can’t seem to shake the funk. I think it was all of the “Ah-HA!” moments I experienced yesterday at Daria and Andy Bishop’s All-Star Program: E-Sessions 101. So many new things (and good things) and I am zapped. It was a really awesome afternoon! But, truly, today nothing could give me energy….practically nothing. That is, until I took the mail to the postage machine and had to print labels off. 

When labels are printed they shoot out the side at practically 100mph. Okay, perhaps I exaggerate a little, but out they shoot and I feel that I must try and catch them as they come flying through the air. I totally had 5 labels to print and I….caughteachone. ::victory dance:: ‘WHOA!’ you think…I know you are impressed. Really though, I felt a rush and a little more alive, all because I caught 5 mailing labels. Oh the simple pleasures in life.

Here is the handsome beast that greeted me when I arrived at Daria and Andy's session. 
Yeti was quite a nice welcome. Showed me where the best seat was, helped me unpack my notebook, and even offered to carry my refreshments for me. What a good dog :) A big thank you to both Daria and Andy (Yeti too!) for opening your home for us to sit and your minds for us to pick. I think we all took away something awesome and new!

xo K


Cassie said...

I'm pretty sure I'd be just as excited about the postage machine. If not more. I'd be in awe with the fact that it shoots them out so fast ... we're so awesome. How do these crazy smart U of D boys deal with our simple minds and the pleasure we find in simple things... I dunno.

Stephanie Fay said...

I just smiled REAL big as I saw this photo... SO cute!!

Kathleen North said...

Oh Cassie, truly we are the smarter ones to find joy in simple things. :) I hope camp is treating you well!

Kathleen North said...

Stephanie, this photo makes me smile a really goofy smile. Yeti is so stinking cute!