Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To Love, Honor, and Protect the Earth: Julia and Nick

I think that I could potentially learn a lot from Julia and Nick. Not only about how to love someone unconditionally with all of your heart, mind, and soul, but how to use that love and commitment to help the Earth. Julia and Nick are a wonderful couple that I had the pleasure of meeting the day of their wedding. I was Second Shooter for my friend and fellow photographer, Justin Cash, and was very excited for my first time at The Mountain Top Inn. Beautiful! Truly one of the many perfect locations for a Vermont wedding.

The ceremony took place on the hilltop by the Inn with a grand view of the mountains and lake beyond. Both Julia and Nick walked in, escorted by their parents. The ceremony was laced with traditions from various religions as well as a focus on natural elements. In their vows to one another, written as letters on beautiful greeting cards, they promised to love and cherish and help each other create a life in which they live in harmony with mother nature and not against her. My favorite promise was when Julia promised to help Nick chop the wood for the fireplace. :)

After their lovely ceremony, everyone processed down to the Inn for a beautiful evening of laughter, memories, and great food. A special thank you to Chelsea who was a great coordinator the whole evening and to the kitchen who provided us with the fabulous meals!

And without further ado, the photos!

A sweet hug between Nick and his mom.

The tassels on the book represented the elements of Earth, water, wind, fire. (I might have the exact elements wrong, but they were Earth elements!)

One of my favorite "Just Married" shots ever!!

The moment between the fathers after the ceremony was touching. :)

The gorgeous valley. The kids had a great time playing in the dandelions.

The first dance had fun moments and...

sweet, touching moments.

Nick's dad gave the first speech and walked up with a box of tissues. He kept threatening to use them throughout his humorous speech.

Now the dancing....what a blast! The band was rocking and the guests were grooving.

This little man (Julia's nephew) definitely stole the heart of every lady.

Nick's mom cuttin' the rug!

Thank you Nick and Julia for letting Justin and I be a part of the party! We truly had a wonderful time and wish you both the best of luck with everything; life, family, and chopping wood :) xo K


Orchard Cove Photography said...

You got some great moments here - what a beautiful wedding!

Cassie said...

I might have to agree that one photo is one of my favorite "just married photos" of all time also. :)

daria said...

These are all great, but the "just married" is completely adorable!
Nice work Kathleen!