Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life is Wonderful: Jess and Josh

The sun was shining, the breeze was warm, and it had stopped raining FINALLY! The only telltale sign of the week-long deluge was the slightly squishy path leading out to the peaceful ceremony site behind the beautiful Barnard Inn Restaurant. Children were laughing, bugs were buzzing, and a friendly dog lay lounging in the sun as I donned my classy rubber shoes in an attempt to stay mud-free. As family members started to arrive, with happy chatter surrounding them, I took up my camera and started to document the beauty surrounding them. Wedding #2 with Justin was going to be wonderful. I could just feel it!

Surrounded by their family members and one very close friend, Jess and Josh vowed to love and take care of one another through all that life might toss their way. Their ceremony was beautiful and relaxed, ultimately about them and who they are as a couple. It was beautiful.

As the guests made their way towards The Inn for an evening of celebrating and dinner, the sun shone brightly, the breeze blew warmly and the bugs buzzed quietly. Truly the day was perfect.

Thank you Jess and Josh for letting us be a part of your beautiful day! You have such wonderful families that were a joy to chat with and photograph. Keep laughing and loving life and certainly many good things will come your way. xo K

Ellen Snyder of Barnard, VT (802-234-6565), florist extraordinaire, did a beautiful job on the flowers. Everyone raved about them all night! I particularly was fond of Josh's boutonniere with the various shades of purple included.

Might you agree that they are surrounded by a quiet calm of true love while the hustle and bustle of congratulations goes on behind them?

Pucker up!

Jess and Josh's ceremony touched on new beginnings and I thought this flower bud fit that concept perfectly!

Jess and her new adorable niece.

Oh Vermont barns and blue skies, I "heart" thee.

The Barnard Inn Restaurant was the perfect place for a small, intimate wedding group. Everything was simply lovely! Not to mention, the food served in the Tavern was delish!

Holding hands is the simplest show of affection, support, and love. Always hold hands!

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