Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ryland: A True Miracle

I loved The Belly from the instant I met it. Weird perhaps, but not really: Jess and Matt chose to not find out if they were having a boy or girl (I love surprises!) and so, the baby was referred to as "Iggy" or, my favorite, "The Belly" (2 year old Jane's pick). And so as the months went along, our love for the baby grew along with the size of The Belly. Each month we documented The Belly with a photo (see bottom of post) and tried to hold onto our patience as we waited to meet the new baby.

Finally the night arrived when I received a phone call from Matt, “It’s time.” I grabbed my overnight bag and headed over to stay with Jane. As I hugged Jess and wished her luck, I rubbed The Belly and said, “Be good Baby. I can’t wait to meet you!” There were smiles all around as Jess and Matt headed out the door on the way to the hospital. That night I had trouble falling asleep because I was so excited for morning to come and to call the hospital and find out if The Belly was a boy or a girl. As I drifted off, a goofy smile was plastered on my face.

When I agreed to be the “on-call” person for Jane, I had been warned that she wakes up early….like 5am early. But bless the girl, she slept until 5:21am! Even at that early hour I bounced out of bed because, I was still so excited! After a breakfast of peach pancakes and a little Bhangra to get us moving, Jane and I headed off to join some friends for a morning walk. Jane was purely elated at the special treat of getting to see cows and horses so early in the morning!

When we returned to the car there was a missed call and message. Wiggles and giggles proceeded as I dialed my voicemail. “Jaaaane, I wonder if you have a baby brother or baby sister!!” The message was from Matt and in that instant everything started to spiral off course. ‘He must be tired…’ I thought as Matt’s message sounded strained and quiet. When I called back I got the same voice, but something was lacking. The “new baby excitement” tone was missing. When Matt told me, “We had a boy” there was no joy. I turned away from Jane so she would not see my face as Matt explained that it had been a very difficult delivery and the baby was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for observation and testing. The next few hours would determine how good or bad things actually were. I hung up in shock. Wasn’t it just a few hours ago I had rubbed The Belly (the baby) and sent two joyous parents on their way to deliver a healthy baby? I looked at Jane and with a smile said, “Janey, you have a brother…and his name is Ryland.” And Jane looked at me with a big 2-year-old grin and said, “Ry-Lyn”.

After I dropped Jane off at school I proceeded to call and e-mail everyone I knew who had any belief in God, Buddha, Mother Earth, or any higher deity that could have a say in things. “Difficult delivery: Please keep a new baby boy in your thoughts, prayers, and good karma!”

And whatever higher being was on-call that day listened.

By the time I got Jane home and down for her nap, I called the hospital to get an update. The news I got was not good….it was FANTASTIC! Ryland was going to be okay.

The next evening Devin, my mum, and I visited the hospital to see that everyone was truly well. Ryland was being referred to as “The Miracle Baby” for his complete turn-around and there was talk that he would get to go home in a few days. A weight was lifted from everyone’s shoulders as we gazed at this perfect baby that we all loved.

After a difficult entry into this world, Ryland Walter (named after musician Ryland Cooder and Jess’ father Walter) was welcomed home to his loving family this past Sunday. Praise be! More photos are bound to appear, but please enjoy a first glimpse at the little miracle.

Jane's classmates helped her make this sign. I love it!
Jess & The Belly: 9 Months


Orchard Cove Photography said...

So glad that all with Ryland worked out -what a sweet baby boy!

Sarah A. said...

He's very handsome!! What a beautiful new baby! (And also, what GORGEOUS photographs! You're very talented!!) And WHEW, what a blessing that he came into this world safe and sound after all. I was holding my breath for a few paragraphs there. I'm so glad that everything turned out alright =)

In answer to your question on my blog - I am usually up early these days, but I actually write my posts the night before and time them to go up in the morning around 3am to 4am. I have relatives on the East Coast who like to keep up with us over breakfast, so I try to time the posts so that when they're up with the kids, the post is available. Weekends are way, WAY less predictable =)

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