Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Love for Correspondence

I love getting letters in the mail. There is just something so exciting about a letter that has travelled across through states, oceans, and maybe countries to reach me! When I was in 6th grade I got my first pen-pal: Jo from England. I would create elaborate letters that I would put into scented envelopes and carefully mark with her European address. Once passed off into my dad's trusty hands to be delivered to the post office, I would wait patiently for a return letter to arrive. To this day Jo and I still write letters the old fashioned way. Perhaps not as often as we did when we were little girls, but I still find joy in sending out a hand written letter, knowing that one will come back to me soon.

The next best thing to letters is e-mail. I love getting e-mails! Particularly the ones from friends and family. The ones where I am not harassed about buying something that will enlarge, shrink or change me, but where I am greeted and missed and loved! *sigh* Yesterday I received one such e-mail in my inbox that made my heart sing. It was from my good friend Kristen. I photographed her and her husband Josh's wedding (along with 3 of my best photog friends!) last Memorial Day weekend. The e-mail contained hugs, kisses, and two links. Kristen had submitted some of her wedding photos to the Valparaiso University Alumni Association and I was tickled pink to see they were posted on the school's (my SCHOOL's!) website!

Check them out here and here. On the first site, wait for the banner to change from "Vote". K+J pop up next. You'll recognize them *smooching* by the tulips :)

Thank you Kristen for sharing! I am just as excited as you are :)
xo K

P.S. Anyone who wants to mail me a letter is more than welcome too. Just to let you know.


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Well hopefully a comment will suffice for now - this was a great blog post :)

Kathleen North said...

Thanks Amanda! Comments are just about as sweet as letters :)

daria said...

Yay for you Kathleen!
I share your love for personal emails, blog comments and real letters with stamps!