Friday, January 16, 2009

Kristen and Josh's Fabulous Chicago Wedding!

On Memorial Day weekend I had the greatest pleasure of flying to Chicago with Devin to photograph Kristen and Josh’s fabulous city wedding! Kristen is a best friend from my college days as a lab rat and photo junky. This wedding was ultra special because not only did I get to capture K+J’s spectacular wedding, but I got to work alongside my 3 other best college photo friends! The 4 of us (Yes! Four photographers!) had a blast running about Chicago with K+J, making art and memories. Enjoy my favorites below and check them out in the featured weddings section. Some images are duplicates, but I simply cannot get enough of Kristen’s and Josh's enchanting smiles!

The morning of the wedding, K+J were both up early (with us all in tow) to set up the space where the reception would be held.
Prairie Production was an awesome space that, with a little love from Kristen’s artistic genius, looked beautiful that evening!

Time to get ready at the Hard Rock Hotel! (What a cool hotel...ton's of mirrors!)

Stunning beauty!

While Kristen ate lunch (energy food!) us photogs had a little fun with the mirrors in the very large bathroom. (Yes, Adam, the videographer, is in the shower.)

Tulips and orchids, diamonds and pearls. Oh so lovely!

This picture puts a big smile on my face.
Everyone looks so very serious and concerned and all Kristen is doing is adding a spritz of perfume!

Beautiful and ready to go!

Josh and his dapper crew were waiting for the first look in the lobby of the Hard Rock.

It was a beautiful first look as Kristen came down the elevator.
The gold doors of the elevator acted like a parting curtain. Just perfect!

K+J allowed for a wonderful amount of time to frolic about Chicago and take pictures. As I am used to quiet country settings, the hustle and bustle of the big city was a real treat!

Down by the Chicago River.

Charity and Jared working their photo magic.

I love this picture!

And I love this picture too. Kristen was opposed to an action shot, but everyone else was up for it. Her facial expression is priceless!

This lovely lady stopped Kristen to tell her how beautiful she looked. "I always come out to see the brides on Saturdays. They are always so lovely!" So sweet.

Very Chicago...

Everyone on the fun bus! It's off to Millenium Park.

Kristen and her lovely bridesmaids.

Down by Lake Michigan. It was bit windy and slightly chilly (May breezes..), but a beautiful day!

Field Museum had these amazing columns. They also have a lot of families with children!

Josh's niece was the flower girl and such a cutie!

The ceremony was held in the South Grant Park Rose Garden at Buckingham Fountain. Absolutely beautiful! K+J also had some great modern music by string quartets for the processional and recessional.

"I now pronounce you..."


Josh's sister (and K's bridesmaid) had the (un) lucky experience of being pooped on by a bird right at the begining of the service! She was a great sport and we assured her it was good luck.

The adorable flower girl found a very long worm that she walked around sharing with everyone.

I love that the Chicago PD has a mounted patrol!

K+J's whole wedding had an underlying Chicago theme to it. At the reception, guests were greeted by a candy bar filled with Chicago candy. I was a sucker for the sour apple rings!
I also could not resist a little sweet ring action!

Even in May, Chicago can be warm. The cake started to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

The bar offered some very colorful drinks that K+J had named themselves. Each had a Chicago themed name. Here is "Cubby Blue" (for the Chicago Cubs) and "UnforgettaBULL" (for the Chicago Bulls AND K+J's song). For dinner we were served Chicago style pizza. Delish!

Josh had such a great smile...especially when he laughed!

Kristen's dad makes a toast to love, happiness and to the success of the Chicago Cubs!

A whole bunch of photographers! Our group became friends when we were all shacked up at a photo conference in college. While at the conference we took a photo of the five of us that I simply love. We decided since Kristen is the first to get married, we would follow a tradition and take a group pic at everyone's wedding. Thank you to Adam (the videographer) for taking this!

A little bride loving.

Their first dance was such a touching moment. Their love for one another brought tears to my eyes!

We all danced well into the night!

In the outside courtyard of
Prairie Productions, they had set up tables and sparklers!
Ciao for now K+J! Your wedding was absolutely fabulous! I don't think I can top it!

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