Monday, February 16, 2009

MSgt Robert North: My Dad

On February 7th, my family and our friends gathered in Burlington on the VTANG (Vermont Air National Guard) Base to recognize and celebrate my dad's retirement from 41 years of military service. The room was packed with my dad's colleagues, family, and friends, several of whom drove up from Southern Vermont to attend the ceremony. It was truly a wonderful event full of shared stories, well wishes, and a fabulous dinner later at The Windjammer! Now what for MSgt North? Well, as VTANG was a part-time job, Dad will still work for the local police department, but will hopefully have more time to photograph weddings with me! Enjoy the photos below.

A colleague of Mom's made this Quilt of Valor and wanted to give it to Dad as a gift. On the back she listed his times of service (enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1968) and the missions he was a part of. Truly a beautiful gift!

Dad's VTANG colleagues put together this shadow box of his mission patches.

This poster shows history of The Green Mountain Boys aircraft through Dad's 41 years of service. His VTANG friends signed it and presented it to him during the ceremony.

This fantastic (and delicious) cake was made by our family friend, Valerie. Each of the patches is made with icing and the writing is legible! She is a professional cake maker and decorator who does mainly work for people who have an in. Keep your eyes open though! Word has it she might begin taking on new clients. (She is doing our wedding cake this Fall. I cannot wait for cake!)

My favorite part of the cake was of course the Nikon camera depicted in icing. :)

Dad was awarded The Meritorious Service Medal, the next higher medal being The Purple Heart.

During the ceremony, Mom, my siblings, and I presented the Quilt of Valor to Dad.

Master Sargent Robert North. I could not be prouder to have him as my dad.

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