Monday, May 18, 2009

Keeping Up with kaht and Devin: Grosse Pointe!

This past weekend Devin and I travelled to the Motor City to visit his family. With a 12 hour drive each way, we are fairly beat, however I wanted to throw a few photos up here to share our fun weekend! 

Our trip had multi-purposes, the main one being Devin's brother Keith's graduation from The University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy. (U of D for short). Once our trip was confirmed, Devin's mom planned a U of D reunion brunch for Devin's HS friends and their parents, so that we could all catch up! Despite being a very full weekend, we always enjoy the time spent with Devin's family. Since they live so far away, it is always a treat to see them!

Happy viewing:) 

U of D reunion brunch, cooked by Devin's mom :) Delish! (As you can tell by the empty plates)

Mr. Martin (Carl's dad) kindly took this photo of the group outside. All of the guys went to U of D HS together. 

The lovely Cassie, who I had the pleasure of meeting in person this weekend. 

Carl and Cassie. 

(Andrew) Kyser, Devin, and Ted. "Man I look short," Devin says. Mind you, Ted and Kyser stand well above 6'5".

Keith's graduation: it was a really nice ceremony. Short and sweet!

The family to our left was very happy for their graduate:) I loved all of their flags!

Keith (to the right) and his comrades.

The Ballew-Porter family + yours truly. 

They are such a stinking cute family! Just look at those fabulous smiles. :)

Devin's parents melting at their graduate's feet. This shot makes me giggle. 


Monday morning D and I departed early to make our way back to VT. In Northern New York, near Malone, we passed by a large wind farm. There were dozens of wind turbines! I know there has been a lot of controversy over the the wind turbines, however, they looked quite elegant turning in the evening light.
Have a great week! xo K


x0xpiex0x said...

Eww Kaht I look so nasty! (except in that picture of JUST me...)

Kathleen North said...

Don't be so silly Cassie! You look beautiful in BOTH pictures. Particularly the one that shows your adorable dimples;) Have a great time this summer! I cannot wait to welcome you to Vermont:)