Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Keeping Up With Kaht and Devin: Goat Herding

Oh technology. The bane of my existence! As much as I love the speed and efficiency it offers me, at times I encounter moments (usually with my cell phone) that leave me hissing and spitting and threatening to toss it in the nearest body of water! ::seeing red::

Remember the series of commercials where two people are talking about something very important and the call drops at the most inopportune moment? I completely identify with that! And as Devin and I live a slight distance apart, all the techno errors and glitches usually occur when we are catching up with each other during the week. “Dear Cell Phone Company, Why must it take 4 phone calls to say ‘I…Love…you'? You’re ruining my relationship! Sincerely, K”

One instance that occurred last night was particularly amusing and worth sharing as I know we are not the only ones who have experienced this technological misunderstanding!

As noted in my previous post, my family and I went go-karting in Maine this past weekend (aMAZing!). Last night I was joyfully telling Devin all about my first place win and expert driving skills and said, “Perhaps you guys should go go-karting for your bachelor party. That would be fun!” Devin paused and then replied with, “Heh. Can you picture us guys chasing a bunch of goats around the yard?” WHAT?! After a few minutes of “Go-kart” “Goat cart?” “goat?!” “GOAT!” “Like…goat, maah?” we were finally on the same page. Apparently I came across garbled and it sounded like I had recommended that Devin and his men go goat herding for the bachelor party. Thanks for nothing, cell phone company!

Perhaps I will resort back to a tin can and string or smoke signals.

Enjoy the video below that Devin found. (Make sure your sound is on) It makes me laugh so much! We are headed to Detroit this coming weekend for Devin’s brother Keith’s graduation and no doubt when we enter Canada I will be reciting this video. Happy Tuesday! xo K


Devin said...

yeah, that just about covers it. stupid cell phones...

Mary Marantz said...

LOL! no seriously, this post actually made me laugh out loud! that's awesome!