Monday, April 27, 2009

Britney and Uncle Ken's Birthday!

I love, love, LOVE getting together with my friends. We always have such a great time catching up and telling stories, laughing and eating. At the end of the night I no doubt leave with sore abs from laughing so much. My friends keep me young and happy! So on Saturday when Britney invited Devin and I to her and Uncle Ken's birthday dinner, I happily obliged. Unfortunately Devin was not able to make the trip, but I made sure to talk enough (and eat enough) for both of us! 

Enjoy a little peak at our evening. 

When I arrived I made sure to seek out my little friend Lila. We do not get to see each other nearly enough! But she always gifts me with a great (trixy looking) smile that just melts my heart.

Lila and her lovely mum Sarah. 

Salmon-check, tuna steak-check, steak steak-check, delicious homemade dinner spread-check! YUM!

Birthday kids Britney and Uncle Ken showing those candles who is in charge!

The cake was a three-layer chocolate cake with raspberry jam and chocolate chips in the center. Ah-MAZE-ing!

Ben, his nice Florida tan, and a big piece of cake!

Emily and Uncle Ken. Emily had just returned from a trip to Greece and showed us a cool souvenir: a Pythagorean Cup. I was enthralled! Talk about a cool invention. Wouldn't fly in America though...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITNEY AND UNCLE KEN! Marian (and all who cooked), dinner was delish! Thank you for a great evening. xo K


Devin said...

sorry i missed it, especially that cake :)

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Hey Kathleen - I use WHCC for my guest books....they are a great company!

Kristen said...

WHCC is really nice. Agreed!