Friday, April 3, 2009

Legendary Strafford Blues Band

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of heading out to beautiful Strafford, Vermont and photographing the Legendary Strafford Blues Band. Now, if you have not heard these guys and gal before, fo' shame! But no blame. They are working hard to carve a niche for themselves in the performance world and recently added Kat Murphy to the line-up as lead vocals. (Fabulous!) After photos the band let me sit in on their practice for a few songs and WHOA! Amazing! I can just picture them on stage with fabulous bluesy lighting and a man in the audience puffing on a fancy cigar. Smooooth. 

I definitely recommend you check them out. Their next performance is April 25 at Gusanoz in Lebanon. Go, eat some awesome food, and hear some great music! Admission is free. If you want to be added to their e-mail list for other concert updates (no spam!!), email Corey at: 

Van; Drums, Corey; Electric Guitar, Kat; lead vocals, Paul; bass, Mark; harmonica

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