Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The last time I saw Brenda and Jeff there was no snow on the ground. It was actually kind of hot. And the bugs were biting us as we took pictures outside of their new home. Afterwards we had ice cream sandwiches as we placed our best guesses at what the next few days would bring. "Labor Day" was just a few days off and Brenda's due date (appropriately enough!) for their first child (not counting the dog Gus or cat George of course!). I was leaning towards a girl and well....I WIN! The darling Miss. Martina graced the world with her sweet presence just a few days past Labor Day.

Just this past weekend Devin and I ventured back to New Hampshire to meet with this wonderful family again and capture Martina at 3 months. As always, it was a great time spent with a wonderful couple and their sweet little girl. Enjoy some of my top favorites. xo Kaht

We arrived just as Brenda and Jeff were getting back from Christmas shopping with baby M. She was so cute and snuggly in her car seat!

I looove Martina's travel bag. Very cool.

Gus was certain this shoot was for him...

Jeff's grandfather built this cradle for HIM when he was a baby. It is a stunning work!

Family photo!

I really like the music with this slideshow :) It is very calming and simple. Mmmmm.

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