Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keeping Up With Kaht and Devin: Our Photos

Now that we are under two weeks to W-Day, I have been scrabbling to get things done. One thing being a guest book including our engagement photos by my friend and fellow photog Justin Cash. When he is not the extreme winter sports photographer, he is putting on a suit and tie and turning on the charm and wit at weddings, just my type of wedding photographer!

I just finished editing my favorites and wanted to share a few with you. We do not look quite so bad when we get shined up! Enjoy and have a great week. ::fingers crossed:: I will get another post up mid this week! xo K

Justin rocks because he humors my insane ideas, like having a picnic complete with wine and pie!

The picnic basket is a gift from Devin's parents, who received it on their wedding day :)

Devin made the pie. It is why I am marrying him. For his mad pie baking skills! :)

Cherry pie!!

The "proposal socks". A funny story of how we got engaged. Maybe I will tell you sometime...


Cassie said...

Smartwool? He couldn't pick something cuter!?! ;) Just kidding. I love you guys and am SO excited!!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Very very sweet :) Can't wait to see photos from the main event! xo

Kristin Thomas Sancken said...

You guys are the cutest couple EVER!

Kathleen said...

Aw shucks ladies, you're making me blush! And Cassie: I LOVE Smartwool socks. They are the best creation since....sliced bread? Although, they do have cuter designs out there;)

Petals said...

Love the photos and you two!!!!

daria said...

OMgoodness!!! These are absolutely adorable!! Sweeter than pie!!
Love love love them!!