Thursday, September 16, 2010

Married: Shauni & Gerren: New Hampshire

This past summer I have had the distinct honor of not only photographing many wonderful couples weddings, but being able to photograph the weddings of some couples that I know from "outside the business": Friends. Yes, a lot of my couples become friends as we get to know one another along the way, but I am talking about the "knew you before you were too cool to be cool" folks.

And let me be the first to admit openly, that the the trickiest weddings to photograph are those where you have a special connection with the couple. You want to be in the moment, but you do not want to miss the moments. You want to cry a happy tear during the ceremony, but you hold it back so you can get a straight shot. It is just a delicate balance that is at times hard to reach. I'm not sure how other people do it.

If you remember Shauni & Gerren's engagement session, you'll remember that they knew me back in the day. Gerren was actually at one of my first boy/girl birthday parties. And Shauni and I, well...we used to have sleepovers where we would use a label maker (hi-tech!) and print the name of our secret crushes and stick it all over the inside of our notebooks. Yep. And when their two worlds merged in high school over a borrowed Dave Matthew's CD, life was just going in the right direction. As if it had been planned. :)

And as plans shall go, a lot of planning went in to their fantastic wedding day. From all the handmade details to the homegrown flower arrangements, there were a lot of special touches. And as I greeted my friend on her wedding day and hugged her, I put on my photo game face. Capture the moment. Capture the moment. And so I did. I captured the moment from the first time her dad saw her in her gown , to when her and Gerren became husband and wife, through the celebration and fireworks. No tears. No fuss. Just me and my photo game face.

Then I started to edit.

And as I went through the images and relived the day, watching my dear friends dedicate themselves to one another, tears came to my eyes and I smiled and sniffled. All the joy I had been holding in came to the surface as I sat in my office reliving the day through images. Reliving the moments that Robert and I captured throughout the day. And I could not have been happier.

Congratulations again Shauni & Gerren! I am honored and blessed to call you my friends and to have been a part of your wedding day. Thank you. May love and joy intertwine itself in your marriage for all of your days. Enjoy reliving your day! xo Kaht

When Robert and I arrived, the girls were well underway in getting ready.

We were just in time for some bubbly!

My friend, she is so lovely...

Shauni wore her great-grandmother's pearls. They were just the perfect touch of elegance!

The beautiful ladies!

Shauni & her sister :)

Just stunning!

While I stayed with the girls, Robert headed over to catch the guys getting ready.

Forgive me S&G, but this set makes me laugh so hard! I hope you enjoy the humor in it. Courtesy of Robert!

Moments before heading down the aisle.

Gerren's expression at seeing Shauni for the first time is simply perfect!

Shauni's uncle was the officiant and added so many sweet personal touches to the ceremony.

The sweet flower girl just wanted to toss the petals one. more. time. :)

The colors were just delightful!

All day rain threatened and the skies kept going from perfect blue to dark and ominous.

After just reading his vows. :)

"I now pronounce you man and wife!" Shauni's reaction is just priceless!



A good looking wedding party :)

I loved how casual the guys were and their fabulous ties! Just added such a great color to the day :)

Just for fun :)

Normally I do not torture wedding parties, but....I swear, I had not idea the field was literally infested with stinging nettles! Luckily they were tough and no one said anything until I walked into the field and said, "OW!!!" I'm weak.

While I captured the image on the left, Robert captured the image on the right. Just another joy of working with my dad, who is also a fabulous photographer.

I have to admit, this was Shauni's idea. And I love it!! x a million.


I adore you two! You are just so perfect together :)

A lot of handmade details made the tent just beautiful! The favors were handmade ornaments by Shauni's mom. Very neat!

I loved the inclusion of sunflowers throughout! A nice autumn touch.

First dance sweetness.

The toasts (roasts) has everyone laughing and smiling!

I love the fingerprint guest tree :)

And we'll finish off with the finale to the night: a fire works display!
Enjoy more of their story here! Their first dance was to the song: a new favorite of mine!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Looks like a very fun and beautiful wedding - love the shot in the truck :)

Suzanne Lowell said...

just gorgeous!

Brandy said...

Love love love the pictures! You looked gorgeous Shauni!

Debbie said...

I just have one word...amazing!

Diana said...

beautiful!!! It looks like yo uguys had a lot of fun!

Kali said...

so i started tearing up again when i saw the photos (much like me in the back drop of some of the photos haha). I loved the one of you guys walking up the aisle, I like the one out back on the deck that somehow fit everyone in it and I loved the outhouse funny. Shauni you were stunning...Gerren you weren't so bad yourself:) Love you guys

Ariella said...

beautiful, touching photos that are sooo well done. took me back looking at them. ariella

kellyg said...

So gorgeous! From the bride, to the small details, to the photos!

liadaniele said...

Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous couple! I'm so glad you had a fabulous day, you deserved every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! There are some amazing photos here! Beautiful Shauni!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! And it looks like such a fun time!

Chris & Alicia's Travel Blog said...

Gorgeous bride, beautiful backdrops, stunning photos.
Nicely done.

Amy said...

Oh Shauni, what a beautiful day. I know Grandma is thrilled for you and Gerren. Much Love, Amy

Patrick said...

My daughter--your husband is handsome and you are beautiful--however, Kat did a wonderful job with all the picturs--even if she made you stand in stinging nettles! The slide show at the end to Dave mathews was perfect. I love reliving the day. It was worth all the anguish and cost!! I love you guys--Pops xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo

rachael said...

amazingly beautiful wedding - love all the details and you can feel the love in the photos!

Laura said...

An absolutely beautiful wedding! We (as a wedding party) were so fortunate to have such a wonderful photographer. Nice work!! :O)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Shauni!!!

Anonymous said...

Photos are gorgeous as was the event. Bravo to Shauni and Gerren for creating such a wonderful wedding.

Anonymous said...

These are just gorgeous...congratulation to the both of you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bride and groom and beautiful photos! Congrats :-)

Anonymous said...

<3 the photos and what a beautiful wedding dress.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos. Good job. Lovely family shots.

Katie said...

I totally love all these pictures!

Patrick said...

3rd try--we loved it. Your pictures are wonderful

Patrick said...

4th try--Ilsa doesn't have a google account. The mother of the bride loves it all.

The Ken Burkes said...

Best wedding and pictures. Something to talk about over the years.