Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shauni & Gerren's Chilly Capital City E-Session

It was a beautiful brisk day when I met up with Shauni and Gerren. These two wonderful people go way back in my life. Like...waaaaay back. They knew me at the epitome of my geekdom: permed hair, red frame glasses (with NO lenses!) and year-round flip flops. I was smooooth folks. So when Shauni contacted me with the great news of their engagement, I did a little dance and reminisced the good old days. Oh how far we have come!

On a quick trip home to Vermont for the holidays (they currently live in CA!) we met up, sipped hot drinks at Capital Grounds in Montpelier, talked about the past, present and future and took some photos. Their wedding is next September and I am SOOO looking forward to it! Their ideas sound positively awesome :)

So grab a hot drink, sit back and enjoy some lovely photos. xo Kaht

Such beautiful smiles!

Shauni, you are beautiful! End of story.

When the bitter wind became too much we popped into the Capital Plaza Hotel to warm up by the fire. The staff was so kind to allow us to sit a few minutes! Thank you :)


I love a couple who is willing to be a little silly :) Thank you S&G!! xoxo
*Engagement Story* Dave Matthews Band music has a bit of a history for Shauni and Gerren, going back to the early days of High School when Shauni borrowed the CD from Gerren. So when Gerren decided to pop the question, he gave Shauni a Dave Matthews Band CD case. She was a little confused at first because "We already have this CD..." but he encouraged her to open the case and the ring was inside. I LOVE engagement stories!

So enjoy their slideshow put to some special music :)


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Looked like a chilly day but a lot of fun - my favorite were the ones in front of the doors!

And come on you can't tempt us with that image of glassless glasses and then not follow it up with a pic??!!

Kathleen North said...

Haha! I'll see what I can come up with Amanda :) And thank you: the doors were my favorite too ;)