Friday, January 8, 2010

Portrait Session: Jennelle, Joseph & Jonathan at The Hop

Meet Jennelle...


and Jonathan.

Three loving siblings...

...who have fun together... goofy together...

...and pick on one another.

But generally they get along pretty well.

Just before the New Year, Anne (MIL) and I met up with these three fantastic people for a fun photo session as a gift to their parents. Awesome idea! And we really did have a great time.

Jennelle has been a great friend for many years and I loved being able to finally photograph her! It was also pretty awesome to see the guys again because really the only memory I have of them (from years ago!) is as annoying little brothers. Have faith Big Sisters, little annoying brothers DO GROW UP! I have proof. These guys were pretty cool.

Loved this red wall! I just told everyone to go up and "do their thing." The results made me smile.

It was a pretty brisk day, so much of our photo taking was done inside at The Hopkins Center for the Arts. Very cool building with great light!

We did tough it up a little bit though and rushed outside for literally...5 minutes?

I love these next two images of Jennelle. The light was just perfect!

Jennelle, you are just stunning my friend! Thank you for being so naturally beautiful :)

To snag a phrase from my friend's Daria & Andy: "The Parting Shot". At one instance this bike was visible in the background of a shot, so I asked Jonathan to go and move it. Everyone joked that I was making my client into a common bike criminal :) Somebody has to do the dirty work! Thanks for taking that on Jonathan :)
Enjoy the weekend! xo Kaht

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Rachel said...

wow your right Jennelle is really pretty in that light and the brothers are really funny but did you have to make Jon into a bike thief.