Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Color the Day!

I ♥ snow.

I ♥ winter.

And I definitely ♥ all of the fun activities like sledding, snowshoeing and skiing that come with snow and winter.

Howevvvver, I do not like gray cold weather or slush or frozen car doors. (I broke the handle off my door just last week because it was frozen!! Yes. I have muscles.)

And today is just one of those days.

So I decided I needed a little color in my life and perhaps you do as well. These are from a weekend drive Devin and i took this past fall. We love exploring Vermont and seeing all of the amazing views and sights! Just makes me love this state more and more.

I made image 2 the background on my computer and am feeling much better now. :) It is amazing how bright colors can liven your mood! xo Kaht

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Orchard Cove Photography said...

Ahhhhh - that's just what I needed. Image #2 is awesome!