Friday, January 15, 2010

Alex and Kevin's Mountain Top Inn Wedding

This past week has been a slow week that has consisted of me sitting hunched over at Devin's computer entering numbers and notes so that I will be prepared for my friendly tax guy. Today I decided I needed a break. Actually, my back and neck needed a break! And I decided you deserved a treat. How about some wedding photos?

I have a few weddings from this past season that still have not be put up on the blog. Hey! I was a busy girl....getting married and such :) I also thought it might be nice to have some pretty weddings from the warm summer months to look at during the cold days of winter.

Alex and Kevin's wedding took place on a very warm August day at one of my favorite locations: The Mountain Top Inn & Resort. Future brides, check this location out! Everything from the staff to the scenery is simply wonderful. I always love returning here :) And this time I returned as a second shooter for my friend and fellow photographer Amanda of Orchard Cove Photography. We always have a great time together at weddings!

And without further ado, enjoy some of my favorites! xo Kaht

I love love LOVED Alex's gown from JCrew. It was simply elegant (and it had pockets!!). The lockets were a gift from Alex to her girls. Very sweet :)

Alex's cousin and Matron of Honor, Christina, is a professional design artist and had a big hand in the design and details for the wedding. The invitation and totes are just a few examples!

I love the reactions to Alex's debut in her gown. Perfect!

Lined up and ready to go!

I love how Alex is peaking around the bushes to see everyone who is seated for the ceremony :)

I always tear up when a father gives his daughter one last kiss before she is a married woman. Such a beautiful moment.

Husband and wife!!

Alex was simply lovely.

Caught this during the receiving line: 'We're married!'

I am constantly asked by people, "You go to a lot of you have a favorite part?" And my typical drop kick answer is "The cake!" Really though, it is the people. The love, the families, the happiness, the joy and that all comes about because of the people. Weddings always have so many happy faces that afterwards, I cannot help to be glowing myself! Even if i do not get to have cake ;)

Kevin and Alex had a lot of happy faces at their wedding :)

What was I saying about cake? A cake bar! And what a great idea too. The cutouts in front of the wedding cake were from Alex and Kevin's yesteryears: a surprise by their moms!

What a beautiful day.


Orchard Cove Photography said...

What a fun glimpse back to a wonderful couple and a super fun wedding!! xoxo

Kathleen North said...

It was pretty super fun :) xo