Friday, September 24, 2010

Married: Kate & Pat: Vermont

You never know where you are going to find true love. At work, at play, online or on the corner waiting for the bus. No matter where you find it (or it finds you), consider yourself blessed. There is a lot of love in this world, more than enough to go around, but sometimes it takes a little while for folks to find it. Once they do, that love lightens their life and makes them glow! Kind of like a very friendly lightning bug. :)

Kate & Pat met after finding out about a mutual interest in the Red Sox. ;) From there, the conversation flowed, the pieces came together and eventually it was fairly inevitable that love had found them and they had found love. And as they declared that love in front of their family and friends, I could not help but give a silent cheer for Team Love. YES! Forgive the silliness, but the fact that these two are husband and wife now just makes me giddy with joy! Such a perfect match :)

Thank you K&P for letting us be a part of your wedding day! It was a joy and honor to capture the moments you created and the love that you share. I'm looking forward to more "married couples" nights out ;) xo Kaht

Pat's mom is a wonderful artist and chose one of their engagement images to sketch and make the front of the program. I just love little details like this!

While Robert hung out with the guys...

...I hovered around the beautiful bride as she finished getting ready :)


According to mom's face...

... Kate is ready to go!

Just gorgeous.

Kate's godfather, who is a deacon, married the the couple. A beautiful and touching ceremony!

Just after exchanging their rings. *love*

Mr. & Mrs.!

Handsome groom, beautiful bride, perfect weather, perfect day!

It's hard to resist!

Fierce. No other word for it.

Lovely ladies :)

Love your smile Kate!

And your blue eyes Pat :)

Oh! Remember these two? Kate's brother, Anthony, and his wife Tara were married this past June! It was fun to see them again :)

The favor's were custom designed bookmarks by Mimi's Bookmarks in Quechee, VT. Very cool!

Michelle from Petals was here! She always makes such beautiful arrangements. Love working with her!

Congratulations Kate & Pat!

To enjoy more images from their day, check out their slideshow!


Kate said...

AMAZING, Kaht! Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful have really out done yourself! I'm so glad you were there to share our day!

Theresa said...

Kaht, You are a true artist! The photos are works of art. You and your dad make a great team. You are a great writer too. I love the story you told. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to give us beautiful lasting memories in print of a wonderful day.

Fondly, Theresa

Dennis said...

These pictures were like "Lightening in a Jar". They bring back fond memories of a beautiful day with a gorgeous bride and handsome groom. You did a great job of capturing the moment. Can't wait to see the rest.

Love, Aunt Joan from Nebraska.