Friday, July 9, 2010

Wedding: Tara & Anthony: Burlington, VT

Weddings are full of fun, happiness, love, celebration and sometimes, a little stress. Usually once the day starts, everything falls into place and the joy of the day overwhelms you and any stress from planning, coordinating, or weather magically disappears! However, what happens when the source of stress is not wedding related and does not magically disappear?

Unfortunately for Tara and Anthony they experienced such a thing at their beautiful June wedding a couple weeks ago. The day before their wedding, their darling pup, Fenway, broke free from her kennel and took off wandering. Twenty-four hours later on wedding day and she was still MIA. Now, I am a big lover of my pets. Since I do not have children, they take a prime spot in my life. If one of them went missing, I would be beside myself with worry. Stress would consume me and break me down.

For Tara and Anthony, Fenway was constantly on their minds through the day, but they did not let the stress and worry consume them. They knew there were people out looking for their pup and they knew they had one thing to focus on for the day: marrying the love of their life.

This darling couple has known one another since high school. Their lives have been intertwined for years. And today was the day that they would join their lives into one journey. And tomorrow, well tomorrow they would go find their Fenway. :)

Thank you Tara and Anthony for allowing me to be a part of your day! It was such a joy celebrating with you and getting to know more of the people that make up your lives. Enjoy a little reminder of your great day! And as I have said a hundred times already, I am so glad you found your little Fenway. :) xo Kaht

When I arrived, the girls were finishing getting their make-up and hair done at The Essex Spa. A truly beautiful place!

Tara showing off her engagement guest book to her sister :)

A little sweet reminder from Mom...

Tara and her sisters are really close!

The flowers were done by I Do Blooms and really added a beautiful pop of color to the day!


Anthony and his guys were nearly ready to go, just some final bow-tie touches!

Mrs. S, Anthony's mom, was my 2nd grade teacher :)

Due to the weather, we did the first look under a covered walkway. It could not have been more perfect!

Tara's dad was just so proud through the day!

Beautiful ladies!

Handsome guys :)

Siblings! Kate, Anthony's sister, and I also go a ways back :) Back to when we ate full pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream without a second thought!

The outdoor ceremony was moved into the Atrium at The Essex Inn due to the rain that just could not decide to come or go. It was still a beautiful room. :)

Tara and Anthony designed their ceremony as a bit of a surprise. Only the people involved knew what it would be like. Each member of the wedding party did a piece of the ceremony and one of the groomsmen pronounced them husband and wife! It was really sweet. :)


Silliness runs in these family genes. :)

Rain or not, we went outside for a few portraits! You are too cute Mrs. Tara!


Super cute shoes!


Tara was pretty pleased about the pockets in her dress! Anthony was pretty pleased that Tara was his wife now :)


The reception was held on The Spirit of the Ethan Allen. I am always impressed with how well they organize and run the show on board!

Fischers's Fancies made the fabulous cake and cupcakes! Mmmm...

Photos of Fenway marked the table numbers. :)

Mischievous looks...Can we?

Ahhh, I see! Too cute :)

Their first dance as husband and wife was to the song they first danced to in high school: Aerosmith's "I don't Want to Miss a Thing".

Sweet rings!

Best friends from waaay back when!

I love the busyness of this image and they are just kissing quietly in the middle of it all. A great way to end a wonderful day!
You can enjoy their slideshow here. :)


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Super super cute :)

Robin said...

Just Beautiful! Glad I got a little sneak peek : )

Kate said...

GORGEOUS as always, Kaht!! :-) You are wonderful!

lucasphotographs said...

Nice work. Like the spots you used at the Essex.

Tara said...

Thank you for your great work, Kaht!

Theresa said...

Oh, Kathleen! Your wonderful pictures will always bring back sweet memories of a most special day. You slipped in like magic without us even noticing and captured some precious moments. Thank you so much. You earn an A+!
Fondly, Theresa (AKA Ms. S.)
P.S. I still have the t-shirt your second grade class gave me with the class photo on it. That brings back sweet memories too. :)

Michelle said...

Great pictures!! What a gift you have for photography!! You captured the moments perfectly

Kate Ballew said...

You are an amazing life photographer! I really, really enjoy your work!!! I definitely want to do pictures with you sometime!!!! XO

Anonymous said...

This wedding of Anthony and Tara's was so much fun. It's great to relive the moments through the precious photos that preserve the day. Love Aunt Joan

Kathleen North Porter said...

@ Ms. S: I am very impressed that the shirt has held up after all these years!! Thank you for the good grade :)
@ Kate B: Thank you! Next time I am in the Midwest :) Or you come East!
@ Lucas: Thanks friend! The rain kind of limited our options. Boooo

Megan Culp said...

Kathleen! I was so pleased to find out what you are doing now, and that you were the photographer for this wedding. I have never seen a story intro and ongoing narrative for the photos like you have done. Your photos are excellent and you managed to get some unusual and very special ones. I am sure your business must be thriving with your unique and personal touch. Good luck and best wishes from your old G.C. at HES! Megan Culp

Katelyn said...

I love you guys soooo much! These pictures are Beautiful Kaht :)

Luke said...

These photos are beautiful and congratulations to the both of you again!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations! Great photos!

Mom said...

Great photos! Love you guys!

Grandpa said...

Congratulations! All the pictures are lovely and I enjoyed them very much!

Seldon said...

These pictures are amazing! I dont think i have ever seen anyone in as much love as you two are! It warms my heart and my day to see such a clear example of happiness. Congratulations!

Holly said...

Love the photos! you guys are the cutuest couple ever! Great photos!

Love Holly

Randy said...

Great photos! What a wonderful time we had! May you live a long and happy life together!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Kaht! They all look amazing!

Fenway said...

Wow. These pictures are incredible! The slideshow was great as well. The perfect song for these two!

Kathleen North Porter said...

I'm glad that you think so Fenway ;)

Anonymous said...

So many of these pictures could be in a wedding magazine! They are absolutely gorgeous!!